Water Line Slitter

Jet Plumbing, Heating & Drain Services can replace old copper, galvanized and poly water line with new high-density polyethylene water line using a slitter/puller.  Much like pipe bursting a sewer line there is minimal excavation needed which saves time and money.  Typically an entry and exit pit are dug at specific locations near the home and water meter.


This is a picture of the entry pit.  A cable is fed through the leaking line and attached to the slitter head and new pipe.


This is the entry pit at the home.  Only a small section of concrete driveway had to be removed.

The line is stretched down the driveway and ready to be pulled directly under where it is now.


The line is carefully pulled to this receiving pit taking care not to damage any electrical or irrigation lines.

The cable attached to the new line is pulled using a Backhoe until the head reaches the receiving pit.