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7/25/17 – Ann called to let us know that she was impressed with the company from the first call to the accomplishment of the job.  She said Skip and Ricky did a professional job and were a delight to deal with.  John also did an exceptional job preserving her marble which had to be cut out and replaced.  She will definitely call us again.

Ann B. Reno

6/22/17 – “I am so happy with Albert. He was so helpful.”  She appreciated being called back so quickly and the office staff was friendly.  

Veeann A. Sparks

6/19/17 – Jackie is the tenant but paid the bill.  She said our guys are great and really couldn’t have been better.  Thanks so much.

Jackie Reno

6/8/17 – Jeff called to say Rick did a fantastic job installing his water heater on Sunbeam Lane.

Jeff F. Reno

6/5/17 – Albert replaced the disposal and then looked at some other issues.  He represented the company with extreme professionalism.  He knows good work when he sees it and we should give Albert a pat on the back. 

John K. Reno

6/1/17 – Angela called to make sure that Jason and all the techs were recognized for their hard work and great personalities. Even the awesome Jessica.

Angela S. Reno

5/25/17 – Mike called to let us know how much of a fantastic job Joey did.  He was very professional and kind.  

Mike R. Reno

5/17/17 – Dana called to say how Great Joey was and she received an education from him.  He was very professional and it was a good learning experience.  She will be using Jet from now on.

Dana W. Reno

5/2/17 – “Another excellent job done by your company.  I want to thank Tommy for spending a few hours at the site to create an accurate proposal and Jessica for scheduling the work.  And of course thank you Randy, Mason and Pappy for their work and for cleaning up in the driveway.”

Marc R Reno

4/24/17 – Tom is a wonderful man and takes care of them. They will only call Jet Plumbing and ask for Tom from now on.

Ronald S. Reno

4/21/17 – “I wanted to note how pleased I am with your company.  Bill G and Chris were the techs that did the install.  Bill G is a real pro, and I appreciate that.  I will use your company again, and tell my friends about Jet Plumbing. I will also at some point do a great review online.  Thank you so much for everything.”

Gary S. Fernley

3/22/17 – Janette came in the pay an invoice and said “Tom Webb is a keeper.” He is very good at what he does and they will be referring Jet Plumbing and Tom from now on. 

Janette B. Sparks

3/3/17 – Barbara says Tom is an absolute asset to the company.  He was very professional and got the job done.  She was very impressed with the bill and will definitely call Jet Plumbing again. 

Barbara A. Sparks

3/3/17 – Edward called and said that Joey did an amazing job.  He was extremely polite and professional.  He was happy from the beginning to the end and will definitely use our services again.

Edward C. Reno

2/22/17 – Doug was amazing and an absolute delight.  It was the best service experience me and my husband have ever had.  They will be loyal customers forever. 

Willow Sparks

2/20/17 – “I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work ethic and attitude of your employee Mike.  He has worked hard on my home furnace twice and my office building and every time he has been professional and pleasant.” 

Lawrence D. Reno

2/15/17 – “Jeff is the best guy in the whole wide world.” He always does a good job and doesn’t waste time.  He takes his time to listen.

Jean S. Reno

2/2/17 – “I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that your company is so responsive, kind and professional.  Our heater had a problem on Sunday morning.  Dan called Jet Plumbing around 6am and the tech was at our house between 8-8:30a.  Wow!  Heater got a temporary fix, which will take care of the problem for the big storm.  Who could ask for more?  Again, thanks for being more than a business.”

Flo M. Reno

2/2/17 – Jason did a great job.  They will only use Jason and Jet from now on.

Carl H. Reno

1/24/17 – This gentleman couldn’t say enough great things about Jake and Josh.  “They are outstanding individuals not only with the work but they are also really nice people.” You couldn’t do enough for me and made sure that everything I needed was taken care of.  They represent the company really well and are assets to Jet Plumbing.

Robert S. Reno

1/23/17 – I had one of your employees out to my home on the 10th.  He went out of his way to help me.  I really appreciate that he could help me out so soon.  His name was Drew and he deserves an extra pat on the back.

Delores M. Reno

1/23/17 – I had a issue with a water heater exchange unit and met one of your guys, Mike.  He was courteous and pleasant.  He had a good attitude and was careful and patient with the repair.  He didn’t seem to rush or waste time.  Thanks for having good guys like Mike working for you.  

Ken U. Reno

1/9/17 – Dan called to say thank you for sending Jeff.  A great plumber and wonderful customer service.

Dan S Reno

12/7/16 – “Kudos to Joey. We have a keeper on our hands.  I am so impressed with Joey.  He has excellent people skills, is a hard worker and has such a positive attitude. Jet is lucky to have him.”

Jeannie B. Reno

10/26/16 – Rick did a great job.  He listened to what the customer needed and explained very clearly what he was going to do.  They have used Jet in the past and because of Rick, they will never go anywhere else.

Eric D. Reno

10/13/16 – Mike called to let us know he really appreciates everything Jason has done so far.  He is very knowledgeable and does great work.

Mike M. Carson City

10/6/16 – Pam said that Drew Jones did a great job.  Checked everything and was very thorough and pleasant.

Pam G. Reno

10/4/16 – Skip and Albert are a pleasure to work with and they did a tremendous job.  They always kept their work areas clean through out the job and she could tell that they worked well together. 

Barbara B Reno

9/15/16 – Bill said that Matt did a good job and he is very polite.

Bill D Reno

8/29/16 – “Jason Sparks did a great job replacing the water heater. He was able to get the job done quickly with no issues.”

Ellen L Reno

8/26/16 – Sandra called and wanted to let us know that she really appreciates that we went out right away for her tenant.  The tenant had owned a home that was involved in an electrical fire and she feels more at ease after Mike was out to fix the issue.  

Sandra S. Reno

8/24/16 – “Thanks for sending Rick.  He was wonderful.  I followed up on his recommendation to have an electrician check up on the wiring.”

Celiene S. Carson City

8/15/16 – “I am very pleased with Jeff’s work, efficiency and craftsmanship. Turns out that I knew Jeff when he was growing up and played soccer with my kids.  I am very happy with Jeff and Jet Plumbing.”

Brett T. Cave Rock

8/12/16 – Karen called to let us know how much she appreciates all the techs that helped in getting her overflow issues resolved.  Don explained everything to her so she understood the options and helped her make the right decision. 

Creekside Gardens Reno

7/28/16 – “Frank was Great.  Jet Plumbing is a different company than the others and it was a pleasant experience.”

Nixon M. Sparks

7/14/16 – James really appreciates the work that our tech Frank did and wanted to let us know.  He was treated unfairly buy one of our competitors and he said we really went all out for him to fix the problem.

James T. Fernley

7/13/16 – “Robert was so professional and knew exactly what to do.  And was very cordial.  Jet Plumbing has an amazing employee.”

Condo Tenant Reno

7/11/16 – “Thank you for sending Jason and Tom out to install the 40 gallon water heater.  I really appreciate the job they did for me.”

Tom S. Reno

7/1/16 – George called to let us know that the tech Rick did an excellent job.

George M. Reno

6/24/16 – “Drew Jones is amazing.”  Very happy to have JET Plumbing & Heating do work at his home.  Will definitely recommend JET.

Jimmy J. Sparks

6/20/16 – Robin called to say Sam did a great job today.  He was quite patient and worked well with her.  They had a very hard time finding the main shut off but all was taken care of in the end. 

Robin B. Reno

6/10/16 – “The tech Sam did a really great job and he really appreciates the work that was done.”

Brian C. Reno

10/4/2017 - John called to say thank you for sending Mike.  He was very pleased with Mike's efficiency and the excellent job he did.  All the leaks are repaired now. 

John G. Reno

10/2/2017 - Leland called to set up a maintenance plan and to have Matt as the service man.  He said Matt was the best one yet.

Leland L. Reno

6/7/2017 - Carol called to compliment Matt.  Carol will be referring Jet Plumbing to everyone in Carson City.  She absolutely loved the service tech and the people in the office were so nice.  She said she called multiple plumbing companies and Jet Plumbing was by far the best.  

Carol T. Carson City

9/25/17 - Dan called to give Mike and Dan his praises.  And to let Jet know that they are lucky to have them as employees.

David J. Reno

10/10/17 - "Jack and I appreciate your employee Aaron for hos kind effective service.  He kept the expense minimal for us and we are very thankful."

Jill K. Reno

10/24/17 - Thanks for the work everyone at Jet Plumbing did in my office.  Excellent job and I enjoyed working with your employees.  They were very professional and helpful.  I left you a five star review on the Google Business site.

Greg M. Reno

10/20/17 - "Matt was awesome. Such a nice young man."  Eileen called in to give him an "atta boy".

Eileen M. Sparks

11/3/17 - Beverly said, "Mike did a great job and he is a great man."

Beverly N. Reno

10/21/17 - "Joey was a doll and he's so smart."  She also had Aaron out a couple of weeks ago and he was wonderful too.  "Jet Plumbing has some great people that work there."   She is sold on Jet Plumbing and will never use anyone else again.  She tells everyone about Jet and not to call any other company.

Pam V. Reno

11/10/17 - "Good service is taken for granted.  Excellent service should be noted.  Michael Richardson provided such great service.  On time and nice to have in my home.  He knew what he was doing and the cost came in under the estimate.  Employees like this are special." 

David H. Lemmon Valley

11/22/17 - Tonya called to say how wonderful and professional Frank was.  The faucet works perfectly now. 

Tonya the tenant Reno

11/22/17 - "A big thank you for sending the nice guys over last week to fix her toilet." She is very happy.

Susan B. Reno

12/4/17 - Lisa called in to rave about Jeff and tell us how nice and professional he is.  He finished the work faster than anticipated.  She is going to write a Yelp review but wanted to tell someone personally.

Lisa G. Reno

11/29/17 - Linda called and said thank you for sending Frank.  He was on time, professional and did a great job.  She even booked him for another call in March of next year. 

Linda S. Sun Valley

8/15/17 - Louie called to say Joey did a very good job and thorough job finding the leak.  Louis then dug up the leak and called for a plumber to repair.  

Louie L. Sun Valley

12/7/17 - Helen said "Thank you for everything Jet Plumbing does."  Today she really wanted to thank Bill.  He is very honest, gives an honest opinion and good advice.  Thank you for sending him. 

Helen W. Reno

11/7/17 - I wanted to let you know how good and professional your entire crew was getting the the sump pump in my basement and the gas line repaired.  You are always my go to plumbing and heating firm and all the time I or my clients have used Jet Plumbing, we have had good results.
Thanks for taking care of me. 

Christine F. Reno

12/11/17 - Shannon called raving about Frank.  She said that he tool care of 2 leaks straight away and put her at ease.  He explained everything and gave her a good education.  The smell is gone from her laundry room.

Shannon G. Lockwood

1/9/18 - Marcia dropped by the office to 1/2 down on the bid and to compliment the entire jet staff.  She said Jet Plumbing's entire operation is well run with great customer service.  

Marcia T. Reno

1/18/18 - Linda called to say Thank You for sending Aaron today.  She is super impressed.  He was efficient and nice and he even liked her dog.

Linda B. Sun Valley

1/3/18 - Don was very happy with Mike and the work he did and wanted his boss to know. 

Don C. Carson City

1/26/18 - Dyanne called to say Thank You for sending Rick.  He was wonderful.  Jet Plumbing has a wonderful staff and she appreciates us all. 

Dyanne R. Reno

2/1/18 - "Jeff explained everything.  He was very clean and nice.  He also explained what to watch out for in the future and it was a pleasure having him here."

Mike C. Reno

2/1/18 - Don said that Aaron and Mike did an outstanding job.  He will continue to use Jet Plumbing and is very impressed with our company. 

Don D. Reno

2/9/18 -  The tenant said that the repair done by a previous company failed.  The waste line still leaks spilling filthy water all over my washing machine.  She wants Jet Plumbing to come make the repair.  I trust Jet to do the work properly.

Crystal Reno

2/7/18 - Sandy said that Jeff is a wonder.  He is efficient and a hard worker.  He had all the parts and the cost was way under what she anticipated.  She will be calling Jet Plumbing from now on. 

Sandy W. Sparks

2/8/18 - Kudos to Chad.  Polite, sense of humor and a good worker.  Such a pleasure to have.  Very Impressed.

Carrie S. Reno

2/6/18 - Catherine called to say how wonderful and professional Matt was.  She also said that the ladies in our office and nice and polite to talk to.  "Jet Plumbing has a great crew working for them.  Thank You."

Catherine E. Reno

8/12/17 - Al has been spectacular. Replaced furnace and air conditioning. Communication was on point throughout the whole process from investigation to planning to complete installation. All appointments were kept as scheduled and met our schedule. They completed the scheduled installation without us being home, yes we trust these guys. Jet is the only company we will call in the future. (copied from Jet Plumbing Facebook post)

Dave H. Reno

2/12/18 - Gerald called to tell us that "Aaron was fantastic and wants to give him his highest rating possible."  He would be happy to to talk to the owner personally if he has time.

Gerald M. Sparks