Customer Testimonials

“I can’t believe what a wonderful job you all have done!  Our old oil furnace was dripping 2-1/2 gallons of water a day!  Then,  Al came out, looked at the job, ordered parts, sent Ed and Will to do a masterful job and guess what?  Not a drop of water since then.  I can’t tell you how happy that makes me every morning.  You are the best!  All my thanks”.

The following testimonials come from written letters, telephone calls, internet messages and Facebook posts.

8/4/17 – Thank you Al and Drew for the installation of the new vent.  It was 103 degrees yesterday and the room was 15 degrees cooler with the change.  
Greg G – Sparks

8/2/17 – You and your staff have been very timely and courteous in following on our request for some plumbing assistance.  Jason came out to the house to look at our problems and was very professional and helpful.  He provided advise and information on costs and what he would need for a formal estimate.  My wife Tracy and I appreciate the high quality service.
Don K. – Reno

7/28/17 – Connie the tenant wanted us to know how wonderful Jeff is.  He did an amazing and fantastic job installing the water heater and cleaning up.
Connie – Reno

7/26/17 – “Skip and Rick did a great job.” They are very nice and considerate employees.
John G. – Reno

7/25/17 – Ann called to let us know that she was impressed with the company from the first call to the accomplishment of the job.  She said Skip and Ricky did a professional job and were a delight to deal with.  John also did an exceptional job preserving her marble which had to be cut out and replaced.  She will definitely call us again.
Ann B. – Reno 

6/22/17 – “I am so happy with Albert. He was so helpful.”  She appreciated being called back so quickly and the office staff was friendly.  
Veeann A. – Sparks

6/19/17 – Jackie is the tenant but paid the bill.  She said our guys are great and really couldn’t have been better.  Thanks so much.
Jackie – Reno

6/8/17 – Jeff called to say Rick did a fantastic job installing his water heater on Sunbeam Lane.
Jeff F. – Reno

6/5/17 – Albert replaced the disposal and then looked at some other issues.  He represented the company with extreme professionalism.  He knows good work when he sees it and we should give Albert a pat on the back. 
John K. – Reno

6/1/17 – Angela called to make sure that Jason and all the techs were recognized for their hard work and great personalities. Even the awesome Jessica.
Angela S. – Reno

5/25/17 – Mike called to let us know how much of a fantastic job Joey did.  He was very professional and kind.  
Mike R. – Reno

5/17/17 – Dana called to say how Great Joey was and she received an education from him.  He was very professional and it was a good learning experience.  She will be using Jet from now on.
Dana W. – Reno

5/2/17 – “Another excellent job done by your company.  I want to thank Tommy for spending a few hours at the site to create an accurate proposal and Jessica for scheduling the work.  And of course thank you Randy, Mason and Pappy for their work and for cleaning up in the driveway.”
Marc R – Reno

4/24/17 – Tom is a wonderful man and takes care of them. They will only call Jet Plumbing and ask for Tom from now on.
Ronald S. – Reno

4/21/17 – “I wanted to note how pleased I am with your company.  Bill G and Chris were the techs that did the install.  Bill G is a real pro, and I appreciate that.  I will use your company again, and tell my friends about Jet Plumbing. I will also at some point do a great review online.  Thank you so much for everything.”
Gary S. – Fernley

3/22/17 – Janette came in the pay an invoice and said “Tom Webb is a keeper.” He is very good at what he does and they will be referring Jet Plumbing and Tom from now on. 
Janette B. – Sparks

3/3/17 – Barbara says Tom is an absolute asset to the company.  He was very professional and got the job done.  She was very impressed with the bill and will definitely call Jet Plumbing again. 
Barbara A. – Sparks

3/3/17 – Edward called and said that Joey did an amazing job.  He was extremely polite and professional.  He was happy from the beginning to the end and will definately use our services again.
Edward C. – Reno

2/22/17 – Doug was amazing and an absolute delight.  It was the best service experience me and my husband have ever had.  They will be loyal customers forever.
Willow – Sparks  

2/20/17 – “I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the work ethic and attitude of your employee Mike.  He has worked hard on my home furnace twice and my office building and every time he has been professional and pleasant.” 
Lawrence D. – Reno

2/15/17 – “Jeff is the best guy in the whole wide world.” He always does a good job and doesn’t waste time.  He takes his time to listen.
Jean S. – Reno

2/2/17 – “I just wanted you to know how grateful I am that your company is so responsive, kind and professional.  Our heater had a problem on Sunday morning.  Dan called Jet Plumbing around 6am and the tech was at our house between 8-8:30a.  Wow!  Heater got a temporary fix, which will take care of the problem for the big storm.  Who could ask for more?  Again, thanks for being more than a business.”
Flo M. – Reno

2/2/17 – Jason did a great job.  They will only use Jason and Jet from now on.
Carl H. – Reno

1/24/17 – This gentleman couldn’t say enough great things about Jake and Josh.  “They are outstanding individuals not only with the work but they are also really nice people.” You couldn’t do enough for me and made sure that everything I needed was taken care of.  They represent the company really well and are assets to Jet Plumbing.
Robert S. – Reno

1/23/17 – I had one of your employees out to my home on the 10th.  He went out of his way to help me.  I really appreciate that he could help me out so soon.  His name was Drew and he deserves an extra pat on the back.
Delores M. – Reno

1/23/17 – I had a issue with a water heater exchange unit and met one of your guys, Mike.  He was courteous and pleasant.  He had a good attitude and was careful and patient with the repair.  He didn’t seem to rush or waste time.  Thanks for having good guys like Mike working for you.  
Ken U. – Reno

1/9/17 – Dan called to say thank you for sending Jeff.  A great plumber and wonderful customer service.
Dan S – Reno

12/7/16 – “Kudos to Joey. We have a keeper on our hands.  I am so impressed with Joey.  He has excellent people skills, is a hard worker and has such a positive attitude. Jet is lucky to have him.”
Jeannie B. – Reno

10/26/16 – Rick did a great job.  He listened to what the customer needed and explained very clearly what he was going to do.  They have used Jet in the past and because of Rick, they will never go anywhere else.
Eric D. – Reno

10/13/16 – Mike called to let us know he really appreciates everything Jason has done so far.  He is very knowledgeable and does great work.
Mike M. – Carson City 

10/6/16 – Pam said that Drew Jones did a great job.  Checked everything and was very thorough and pleasant.
Pam G. – Reno

10/4/16 – Skip and Albert are a pleasure to work with and they did a tremendous job.  They always kept their work areas clean through out the job and she could tell that they worked well together.  
Barbara B – Reno

9/15/16 – Bill said that Matt did a good job and he is very polite.
Bill D – Reno

8/29/16 – “Jason Sparks did a great job replacing the water heater. He was able to get the job done quickly with no issues.”
Ellen L – Reno

8/26/16 – Sandra called and wanted to let us know that she really appreciates that we went out right away for her tenant.  The tenant had owned a home that was involved in an electrical fire and she feels more at ease after Mike was out to fix the issue.  
Sandra S. – Reno

8/24/16 – “Thanks for sending Rick.  He was wonderful.  I followed up on his recommendation to have an electrician check up on the wiring.”
Celiene S. – Carson City

8/15/16 – “I am very pleased with Jeff’s work, efficiency and craftsmanship. Turns out that I knew Jeff when he was growing up and played soccer with my kids.  I am very happy with Jeff and Jet Plumbing.”
Brett T. – Cave Rock

8/12/16 – Karen called to let us know how much she appreciates all the techs that helped in getting her overflow issues resolved.  Don explained everything to her so she understood the options and helped her make the right decision. 
Creekside Gardens – Reno

7/28/16 – “Frank was Great.  Jet Plumbing is a different company than the others and it was a pleasant experience.”
Nixon M. – Sparks

7/14/16 – James really appreciates the work that our tech Frank did and wanted to let us know.  He was treated unfairly buy one of our competitors and he said we really went all out for him to fix the problem.
James T. – Fernley

7/13/16 – “Robert was so professional and knew exactly what to do.  And was very cordial.  Jet Plumbing has an amazing employee.”
Condo Tenant – Reno

7/11/16 – “Thank you for sending Jason and Tom out to install the 40 gallon water heater.  I really appreciate the job they did for me.”
Tom S. – Reno

7/1/16 – George called to let us know that the tech Rick did an excellent job.
George M. – Reno

6/24/16 – “Drew Jones is amazing.”  Very happy to have JET Plumbing & Heating do work at his home.  Will definitely recommend JET.
Jimmy J. – Sparks

6/20/16 – Robin called to say Sam did a great job today.  He was quite patient and worked well with her.  They had a very hard time finding the main shut off but all was taken care of in the end. 
Robin B. – Reno

6/10/16 – “The tech Sam did a really great job and he really appreciates the work that was done.”
Brian C. – Reno

6/8/16 – Peggy called to say Jeff was very nice, professional and a friendly person. Jet should feel very good about sending him on service calls.
Danny & Peggy – Sparks

5/25/16 – “Sam was a nice and delightful man, He was very efficient and fun to work with.”
EJ @ Dickson Realty – Reno

5/12/16 – They said Larry was efficient, fast and new exactly what needed to be done and got the job done.  He thought Larry was terrific.  
Downtown Hotel – Reno

5/11/16 – Matt called to say how great Joseph was.  He did an excellent job.  Matt deals with a lot of people and yesterday the people were all “crappy.”  Today Joseph made everything else and better and did a great job.   So he called to say thank you to JET Plumbing for sending Joseph. 
Matt B. – Reno

4/27/16 – I’m not much of a “Facebooker” but I feel my story needs to be told.
After completely wrecking some plumbing during a “simple” DYI project, I inadvertently shut off the water to my home with no way to turn it back on myself. As you can imagine no water means a big pain for a family of four.
Upset and frustrated I called an emergency plumber here in Reno that claimed to be the “easy” route.
After waiting several hours a plumber showed up and quoted me 2100.00 for the repairs, stating at minimum I should expect to pay 1400.00.
Feeling that this was way, way too much and that the man was preying on my desperation I sent him away and called for a second opinion.
For this second opinion I called Jet plumbing and spoke with Mindy who by all accounts must be a black belt in customer service.
In no time at all a supervisor, Tommy, was at my home to give me a second opinion.
Tommy’s quote was 375.00 to 500.00 to complete the job.
A little while later, Jodie, one of Jet’s plumbers came out and completed the repairs with a total cost of 267.17.
So two lessons I learned…
First, Never again will I even consider calling anyone else for my plumbing needs,
Second never trust YouTube for info on DYI projects...
Thank you Jet.
B.C. J. – Reno

4/22/16 – Just want you to know all went well with Jeff.  He was such a nice young man, he fixed everything for me and was very pleasant.  Thanks for sending him.
Kaylynn E. – Reno

4/22/16 – Alexia called in to say Jeff was fast, efficient, personable, professional and honest.  She was quite impressed and wanted the complement to be passed to the owners of Jet Plumbing.
Alexia R. – Reno

4/13/16 – “Had a leak at my recirculating pump.  Called Jet Plumbing and got same day service.  Was given a time frame of 3pm-5pm and was even called to let me know the technician was on his way.  Tom was very friendly when arrived and fixed the problem in less than an hour.  Very happy with the entire experience, would recommend this company to anyone.  Big thanks to Tom for the great service.”
5 Star Yelp Review from Ceilan C. – Reno

4/8/16 – Jean called to thank us for getting the tech out right away.  She really appreciates Jet Plumbing very much.  Jeff really knows his business and is a sweetheart.  He made it easier for her by installing a hot water valve so she doesn’t have to turn the water off to her whole house.  Jet Plumbing is a great company and she refers us to everyone. 
Jean S. – Carson City

4/5/16 – Thomas called and wanted to let us know that he appreciates that Albert was efficient, professional and did an excellent job.  He even took the initiative and solved another problem for them.
Thomas W. – Reno

4/5/16 – “Albert was so smart, efficient, nice and professional.”  She appreciates everything he did.  “He is just Great!”
Nicole H. – Reno

4/1/16 – Robert was excellent.  And kudos to the office staff as well.
Cherly P. – Reno

3/18/16 – Chuck was very impressed with Joseph.  He is a credit to the business.
Chuck R. – Sparks

3/18/16 – “Kyle worked his tail off.  Completed the job in great time.  Will ALWAYS call JET Plumbing for all my plumbing needs,”
Sanford S. – Reno

3/4/16 – John called to let us know that Larry has done an excellent job and really when out of his way for them.  Thanks!
John H. – Reno

3/1/16 – “Albert was wonderful, such a good guy.  He totally outdid himself.  He gets an A+.  Don’t ever let him go.  She would adapt him if she could.”
Nyla L. – Sparks

2/29/16 – ” I wanted to reach out to you to let you know how things went on a recent remodel pour company helped me with.  From the estimator Jason tothe installers Skip and Jory, to the scheduler Jessica, I give them all a 10.  The service and level of professionalism and quality of work were excellent.”
Rick M. – Reno

2/26/16 – “Jeff is a wonderful employee.  Really 5 star.  He is nice and knowledgeable. Explains everything.  I have a plumber in my family but I would rather use Jeff.”
Charles W. – Reno

1/26/16 – Customer really appreciates Frank and Joseph’s work.  Make sure they both get a pat on the back.
Gary V. – Sparks

1/12/16 – “Tom did a great job.”  Very impressed with him and he’s a good employee.
Charlie – Property Manager

1/6/16 – Norman called to say thank you for sending Bill and Jeff.  They did a wonderful job and were able to locate the problem and fix it promptly.  He was originally upset that his warranty company would send a company from Sparks to Kings Beach now he is so glad.  Great technicians that are polite and courteous.
Norm D. – Kings Beach

1/6/16 – As posted on Facebook by Veteran’s Guest House, Reno – “Never a dull moment around the Guest House – this past Saturday we discovered a broken pipe leading to our annex house. We are now on day 5 of no water. Once again our friends at the Sands Regency came through for our guests and accommodate those we could not house in our main facility. Hopefully we will be back up and running by the end of today. It is great to have friends in the community who care for our veterans. We would also like to thank Jet Plumbing, Heating & Drain Services for their prompt service!”
Kathy – Reno

1/5/16 – Thank you for doing a great job!!  I always refer people to Jet Plumbing.
Jo B. – Sparks

12/30/15 – Pet called to give Robert a compliment.  He had excellent service today.   Robert was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and polite.  He had heard good things about Jet and believes he hit the grand slam.
Pete K. – Reno

12/23/15 – YELP review.   “Super friendly guy worked on my heater furnace! He corrected what Sierra Air messed up and explained everything in way more detail! He also swapped the filter out for a better one for free! Will definitely be using your services again!”
Deneka P.

12/22/15 – The tenant Ed said Tom did a great job and he is very happy.
Kenyon Prop., Reno

12/21/15 – YELP review.   “Called Monday morning and they had someone out by 2 PM to fix my broken water shut-off valve which was preventing my hot water for my kitchen sink….Paul fixed it in no time (and also double checked my husbands dishwasher installation).  He also let my husband watch and gave him tips for next time he breaks something…  😉  ha….”
Sumiko M.

12/13/15 – “We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with Larry and Joseph on their recent visit.  They were very committed to getting to the root of the problem and their knowledge and experience gave us a good feel of confidence.  They were very respectful of our home.  It is so reassuring to us to know that our issues will be resolved by Jet Plumbing.  We totally appreciate their diligence and expertise.” 
Sheri & Tony W., Reno

11/23/15 – The owner called to say the guys were really great, worked hard and did a good job.
Kristopher P. – Reno

11/12/15 – “Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.  Please let Jake, Rick, Jesus and all the others that worked Tuesday at our house that we sincerely appreciate their help and hard work.  We know it was wet and cold that day but they saved us from a flood inside our home. We have always been pleased with the plumbers and service provided by Jet Plumbing but Tuesday was exceptional.”
Ann & Dan R. – Reno

11/8/15 – Leland called to let the owners know that he gives Frank and Robert a 100%.  He has been using us for years and really likes our service.
Leland L., Reno

11/4/15 – “My very best to the very best crew any company could ever wish to have in their employ.  From the beginning to the end, you are the best.
I am pleased with Skip and Jory’s work.  They were quick, polite, talented and very professional.”
Barbara T. – Reno

10/22/15 – YELP review –  “The five stars started when I told the girl on the phone that my water heater was not working.  She said we would get a same day service call.  She called back to let me know the service tech was on his way.  Frank diagnosed the problem and ran to the shop to get the parts needed and returned to finish the job of repairing my water heater.  Frank also patiently explained everything he was doing to my very inquisitive husband.   Awesome.  You would think so too if you were without hot water and considering staying in a hotel until it was fixed.
I had actually called a different, well rated, company but after I left a voicemail they did not return my call.  It was noon when I abandoned them and called Jet.  Thank you sooooo much Jet for taking a late call and still getting it done.”
John S.

10/22/15 – “Thanks you for sending Joseph.  He was professional, courteous and did a great job.”
Joan H. – Reno

10/20/15 – John appreciated our prompt service and Paul was very efficient.  John has three homes that have home warranties and he won’t let them send anyone but Jet Plumbing to work on them.  
John P. – Sparks

10/2/15 – Ray called to say thank you for sending Frank.  He showed up quickly, on time and did a beautiful job.
Ray H. – Sparks

9/22/15 – Charlie was extremely happy with Bill’s work.  He did a great job, was patient, efficient and represented Jet Plumbing very well.
Charlie – Reno

9/22/15 – Mark called to let our company know that Joseph was professional all the way and said he needs to be acknowledged.  “Great tech.”
Mark R. – Reno 

9/21/15 – “We would like to commend your technician Paul for his excellent service.  He was on time and had all the necessary tools and parts to fix our old drains.  I assure you that I will cell you whenever I need a plumber.”
Deanna S. – Carson City 

9/21/15 – Letter:  “Jet owner/manager.  My compliments to your employee Brad.  He serviced my home on 9/21 and was very efficient, fast and friendly.  Thank You.”
Jewel W. – Reno

9/10/15 – “Robert is a very nice man.  He’s young but he knows his stuff and is very smart.  He is a gentle soul and Jet is lucky to have him.”
Judy P. – Reno

8/27/15 – YELP review.   “I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write a review for JET. I have used them at my previous residence to replace a pressure tank and repair toilets. They’ve done work at my new place installing water lines for appliances and repairing showers.
I’ve also recommended them to friends, family, and co-workers all of whom have been very pleased. They show up when they say and complete the job. I trust them to do a great job and to access my house if I’m not available. Everyone I have worked with there has been nothing but friendly and professional.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Plumbing issues are never an easy thing to deal with but they make the process as customer friendly as possible. 5 stars for sure!”
John N. – Reno

8/14/15 – Rick came and fixed the problem and discussed/recommended other things that might work better for us in the future.  The price was reasonable and we would hire them again.
Marcie W. – Sparks (this was taken from an Angie’s List review)

7/24/15 – “Jeff was polite, professional and represented Jet Plumbing very well.”  Jet Plumbing has gained a customer for life.
Charles W. – Reno

7/3/15 – “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, so much for fixing my air conditioning.  You were prompt and did a great job.”
Bill K. – Reno

7/2/15 – Tom was kind and did an excellent job installing our gas dryer.  She will definitely ask for him again.
Arlene C. – Reno

7/1/15 – “Skip, Albert and Jory did a great job.  They were careful and respectful of our property.  So friendly and informed us about everything they were doing.  I can’t say enough about how professional they are.  I would recommend JET to anyone I know.”
Marianne H. – Reno

6/30/15 – Sam called to say Tom did a great job at her dad’s house.  “Tom is very efficient and a great plumber.  Good Hire!”
Sam C. – Sparks

6/18/15 – “Bill G. is a keeper.  He is quite a great guy. He wishes there were more in the world like him.”
Phil O. – Gardnerville

6/16/15 – Joyce called to say how wonderful Joseph was.  He is a very nice and very helpful young man.  Be sure to let the owner know.
Joyce H. – Reno

6/12/15 – He has used Jet for 12 years.  Paul is “best tech yet.”
Charles M. – Carson City

6/12/15 – “Sam did a fabulous job!  He was so sweet and knowledgeable.  He makes a great first impression and has great social skills.”
Barbara A. – Sparks

6/3/15 – Felise called to say that Jody was a very nice man and a pleasure to work with.
Felise C – Reno

5/13/15 – “The crew that was at my house replacing the sewer line are the nicest men.  They are hard workers, polite and cooperative.”  She is so please with the work that they have done for her.
Judy D. – Reno

5/4/15 – Bob called to say Brad did a good job.  He is a very nice young man.
Bob G. – Reno

5/1/15 – “Brad did a great job.  He was very professional and very polite.”
Shelly W. – Reno

5/7/15 – The problem was “the toilet has water around the base and black stuff in the bowl.”  “Jason was so helpful!” Joyce said.  He was accommodating and did a very good job.  “He is a real asset to the company.”
Joyce H. – Reno

5/1/15 – Jet Plumbing, Heating and Drain Services was at the home of this customer on Frisco Court. Andy called to say “Jody did a really great job.  He is very polite and professional.”
Andy K. – Reno 

4/9/15 – “Joseph was a wonderful guy, fantastic employee and the feel confident in his abilities.”
David F. – Reno

4/3/15 – When Gary came to the office to pay his invoice he said the guys (Jason, Skip & Sam) did a great job.  They are very professional and he is now recommending Jet to everyone.  
Gary R. – Sparks

3/27/15 – “Brad was absolutely wonderful.”  She has had other companies out numerous times and they could not fix the irrigation lines.  Brad was helpful, polite and explained everything to her.
Tenant – Sparks

3/20/15 – David called to say how much he appreciates Mike and Jet.  He loves doing business with Jet and Mike did a great job.  He also likes Bill Garlick who has been to his home too.  “Thanks so much!”
David J. – Reno

2/24/15 – Alma called in to say Rick D. was  very polite and professional.
Alma C. – Carson City

2/19/15 – Jody called and said that she has been using Jet for years and years.  She will continue to use Jet because everyone she has ever worked with from our company is so professional.  She and her client are completely overwhelmed by how unbelievable Rick D. and Joseph are.  They have gone above and beyond!!!  Their communication is superb.  Jody wanted the owner to know how wonderful his employees are.
Jody T. – Reno

2/19/15 – When we moved to Sparks about 10 years ago we acquired some residential properties.  A friend of mine told me that his employer (Northern Nevada Business Weekly) had found your company the best in your industry in this entire area.  Over the years, Jet has provided us with great service.
In the past weeks we had a plumbing problem that was hard to resolve.  Today it is another example of your team works until it can be corrected no matter how complicated.  You have a great team.  Sam Estrada made the final correction that needed to be done.  Sam did a great job!  Tommy took time to hear my concerns and put together inputs from other members of the team (Bill, Al and your office staff).  You have the best organization I’ve ever had for service.  Thank you.
Our neighbors say the same.
Al & Marilyn M. – Sparks

2/18/15 – Sam did a great job and he cleaned up the job site.  Very impressed with Sam.

Damon H. – Reno

2/6/15 – Sam was outstanding.  He is fabulous.  He wants Sam’s supervisor to know.
Al M. – Sparks 

1/26/15 – “My wife and I are most satisfied in the handling of the work over such a difficult period when the temperatures were so low.  This is almost entirely because of the impressive diligence and range of skills of Jori who worked pretty much on his own and only having support personnel for about a day or so.  Please convey to Jason our commendations of Jori’s work.  We would have no hesitation in securing the service of Jet Plumbing in the future or in recommending the company to friends and neighbors.”
Peter B. – Reno

1/22/15 – “John did a beautiful job.  He is such a nice young man.”
Ann R. – Reno

1/21/15 – Rick is a nice young man and I appreciate the work he did.  He cleaned the work area, was very business like and didn’t fool around.  We really like him and if ever needed we will request him next time.
Margaret P. – Sparks

1/20/15 – Brian the neighbor called to tell us the Jake and Pappy did a great job.  “They worked their _ _ _ _ off and are two really great guys.”
Brian – Reno

1/15/15 – Ed called to say what a great job Rick did.  He is very professional.
Ed F. – Reno

1/12/15 – Thank you for the quick response and for getting all the work done in such a timely manner.  This making it possible for her daughter and grandson to be in the house before Christmas.
Kathleen M. – Sparks

12/31/14 – “Thank you.  Would recommend your firm to everyone.  Great Job!”
Alison S. – Sparks

12/15/14 – “Truly there are so many things I would like to say.  This year I became GM of a trucks stop and shopping center and my relationship with Jet is one of appreciation.  I tell everyone to use Jet from my neighbors to businesses.  I was in a store the other day and overheard they had plumbing issues.  I was right there to say Call JET.”
“We had a million gallon main break and the team never when home and dove under my building all night and day long. The team never complained and kept me updated with test messages, phone calls and in person.”
“And the following reasons are why I recommend, love and respect the team of Jet Plumbing.
1 – they say good morning “—–” every morning.
2 – They kept us informed about what was going on under the building.
3 – Photos were taken since I couldn’t see the problem.
4 – Your phones were answered at all times.
5 – I was never treated like a dumb girl. Everything was explained and I really appreciated that.
Thank you all for going above and beyond.
Krista  – Sparks

12/12/14 – John and Paul did an amazing job and was very courteous.”  Also managed to save her money.
Sharon F. – Carson City

12/10/14 – “Rick was phenomenal.”
Tom C. – Sparks

12/1/14 – ” The furnace works better than ever.  It is so quiet.  I appreciate Mike and Jet so very much.”
Wenda C. – Reno

11/21/14 – “Joseph was great.  Thanks for getting it done so fast.”
Jim E. – Reno

11/14/14 – “Albert did a wonderful job.”
Clarence R. – Reno

11/10/14 – Joseph is nice and gentlemanly.  He took the time to explain our options.  He was knowledgeable and courteous.  He was great.  We had a marvelous experience and will call Jet again. 
Aetna N. – Incline Village

10/30/14 – We had a leak coming from the back of our wall.  Jet fixed the leak quickly.  Thank God for this man, because it is so difficult to find experience in home repair even if you’re willing to pay out the nose. 
Brandon C. – Sparks

10/20/14 – Robert fixed our toilet and was very helpful.
Maureen M. – Reno

10/6/14 – “Rick is the best plumber on the continent!  He is cheerful and easy to work with. Can’t say enough about Rick.”
Al M. – Spanish Springs

9/30/14 – “Rick did a great Job.  Thank you for being so prompt.  You have a customer for life.”
Gayle A. – Reno

9/26/14 – Kathie called to put in a compliment for Jessica for being so helpful in scheduling and Chauncey for being such a hard working man.
Kathie – Reno

9/11/14 – Robert is quick, efficient, courteous and extremely good.
Robert S. – Carson City

8/18/14 – “Robert was kind and a pleasure to have in my home.  I will tell my friends that he is the man.”
Regina R. – Reno

7/23/14 – Jim called to say “Jori was very courteous, professional and very thorough.”
Jim C. – Reno

7/23/14 – To the people of Jet Plumbing – 
“A big thank you to Bill and his crew who came out in 102 degree weather to dig out and repair 2 very leaky water pipes.” 
A big shrub and a section of lawn had to be removed, plus part of a fence had to be taken down temporarily to get the machinery could get into the yard. After the repair the fence was re-attached and the lawn patched.  Everything about this job was top notch from the hard work to the very nice guys doing it.
Also, the ladies answered my calls and questions or passed me along to Bill who answered or called be back.
Ann L – Sparks 

7/9/14 – “Jody is one great guy.  Jet needs to keep him for a long time.  He does good work and is very professional.”
Ken H. – Carson City

6/17/14 – “Both Larry and Robert are good and have real good personalities.”
Trudy G. – Carson City

6/12/14 – “Sam is such a nice, prompt, efficient tech.  He did a great job and is very professional.”
Greg B. – Sun Valley

6/2/14 – We gradually lost hot water.  Jet was recommended by a friend’s brother who is also a plumber.  They found the vanes on the recirculation pump were completely worn off and replaced the pump.  
Bart M. – Sparks  (taken from an Angie’s List entry)    

5/21/14 – Joseph was great.  He really made sure things were right.  We want him to do our regular maintenance.
Teresa R. – Reno

5/20/14 – “Jet Plumbing has been coming to my house for years and I have been very pleased with their work.  A few days ago we had an emergency at another property.  Jet is amazing, they dispatched a professional plumber to take care of my problem.  The plumber was knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous.  I remain impressed with this local plumber.”
Sandra B. – Reno  (taken from an Angie’s List entry)   

5/18/14 – “My employer actually used them for stuff around the workplace so I gave them a call.”  They showed up on time and I would use them again.
Evan S. – Reno  (taken from an Angie’s List entry)

5/2/14 – “Sam was professional, courteous and did a great job.”
Tony F. – Sparks

4/24/14 – I just want to let you know that “you have really nice and friendly people working for you.  Skip and Rick are hard workers and very efficient.”
Connie G., Reno

4/16/14 – Peggy was very impressed with Jody.  They will call Jet from now on.
Peggy H., Carson City

3/29/14 – Leland called and said “Larry did an awesome job.”  He is very happy with the work.
Leland L., Reno

3/28/14 – Lori called and said that Travis was very good and polite.
Lori G. – Reno

3/20/14 – “Skip and Kevin did an outstanding job.  They can come back anytime.”  She is was looking for something to break so they could stay longer.
Shari D. – Reno

3/19/14 – Keith called and said “Kevin and Jeff did a real good job.  They were both very professional and polite.”
Keith B. – Carson City

3/13/14 – “Joseph is such a nice young man and he did a good job.”  She will call Jet again.
Gloria Q. – Carson City

3/13/14 – “Thank you for sending John.  He is a great guy and did a great job.  He was almost part of the family.”
Sandra N. – Sparks

3/10/14 – Virgil called, “Rick is very professional and very polite.”
Virgil B. – Reno

3/6/14 – Jenny called to say “Sam is a really good guy.  He was very polite and efficient.”
Jenny Y. – Reno

3/3/14 – “Travis is a very nice person.”  She could have kept him there forever but she had to let him go.  She is very impressed with him and Jet has the nicest people working for them.
Mrs. Robert B. – Reno 

2/27/14 – “Always appreciate your service.  It is prompt, well done and the job is always left very neat. Thanks.”
Nevada B. – Reno

2/17/14 – “I just called to say how great Rick C was.  He did a great job and I really appreciate him and his work.”
Julie E., Sparks

2/17/14 – Rick called to say that Travis did a bang up job!  Very pleased with him.  They also liked Albert who installed a water heater for them.  Jet has a great crew including the office staff.
Rick S., Red Rock

2/6/14 – A quick note to express my gratitude and thanks for the outstanding customer service from one of your techs Rick DuBuc.  Rick worked on my tankless water heater for 4 hours.  Rick was very thorough and inspected all components of this very complicated unit to make sure it was functioning properly.  It wasn’t until he checked the last possible cause that the problem was found.  (a bird in the vent)  Rick’s diligence and determination to locate the problem was much appreciated.
Craig N., Reno 

2/4/14 – Thank you for the great service.  Jet was recommended to us as the most reputable service in town and we were not disappointed.  Jeff showed up as scheduled, got right to work, found the problem and fixed it.  What a great technician.  You will be mentioned to all our family and friends in the greater Reno area.
Jerry S., Sparks

2/1/14 – Dear Mr. Walker,
I want to take the opportunity to personally thank two of your staff for their excellent service and great attitude.  We line in a home in Damonte Ranch that developed a leak under the floor.  Skip and Kevin started on the repairs and they are wonderful.  Not only did they try to accommodate us while working in our home (with dogs and cats) but they were efficient and professional.  
Because of their work ethic we will have no problem recommending Jet to anyone we know that has a plumbing issue.  Please convey our sincere appreciation for their great work and kindness during the work in our home.
Esther H., Reno 

1/21/14 – We needed our water heater replaced and Albert was awesome.  He was real professional and very informative.
Daniele H., Sparks 

1/20/14 – Amber the caregiver called and said Joseph was so sweet and kind.  He answered all their questions with respect.
Amber., Reno

1/20/14 – Elizabeth called to say how much she appreciates Jet and Brian.  Brian explained everything and she appreciated his patience and attitude.  
Elizabeth G., Reno

1/20/14 – Dave called to book another service call and asked for Skip.  Skip did a great job last time and his wife really like him.
Dave B., Reno

1/20/14 – “Bill G. is a good man and we want to sign up for a yearly heating service.”
Max G., Reno

1/16/14 – “Albert was very professional.”  Kudos!
Tenant- Reno

1/14/14 – Customer wrote “Jeff came to work on our home in Truckee for a home warranty call.  He found the problem immediately and had a new water heater installed by the end of the day.  Unfortunately he was not able to repair the electrical problems we were having but we really appreciate his perseverance and positive attitude.
Kristin and Jason – Truckee, CA

1/4/14 – Customer called to comment Travis.  He is a good employee, did a great job and very professional.  
Jerry C. – Verdi

12/27/13 – “We needed our water heater replaced and Albert was awesome.  Very informative and professional.”
Daniele H., – Sparks

12/23/13 – Gary didn’t know who to call then saw our advertisement in the Galena & Arrowcreek Life magazine. Bill Garlick came out and he was “unbelievably fantastic.”   We have a customer for life.
Gary T. – Reno  

12/18/13 –  Hello and Happy Holidays Drew. I just wanted to send you a quick email to inform you about the men that was sent to Zircon Dr. on Tuesday, Dec. 10th. I was in construction for over 30 plus years, built several restaurants etc around the Nevada area. I want to tell you that your men that were sent to this project in the evening after working all day and in the bad elements were truly amazing. The personalities were beyond belief, never complaining just jumped in and had at it.
One individual blew me away, his name is Jake, while working in 6″ of running water in the creek, no gloves on! Frigid temps he had a very friendly demeanor, it was like he had just started his day, no frustration, happy to do it! And stayed until his supervisor arrived, who was a nice fellow as well. I have traveled the US working in many states, having at one time over 30 men working for me, never did I get lucky to have a man with that type of demeanor you should be truly thankful for him. Because of him JET and only JET will be recommended by me, and I can tell you they will be the only company used in this park. One last thing all three men that came out were very friendly and kind, but Jake stood out like a “SHINING STAR” make sure you take good care of him! Because he is rewarding your company everyday that he works for you. God Bless and Happy Holidays to JET plumbing.
Henri S. Reno

12/18/13 – ” I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate a professional company.  Travis was on time, polite, personable and very professional.  I love the courtesy call to let me know when Travis was on the way.  I called several companies in my area and they were very short and made statements like “I will charge you $175 just to drive there.”  I live in Sparks, not some outlying area.  Thank you again for your great services and technicians.  I will recommend you to all.”
Vicki C. – Sparks

12/17/13 – “Sam was very good and polite.  He and Jody do good work.  They are 2 of the nicest men that have ever come into their home.
Alma C. – Reno

12/17/13 – Ron, the son of Catherine the owner called to say Justin did a great job.  He knows exactly what he’s doing.
Catherine – Sparks

12/17/13 – Give Justin a 5 star atta boy!  He is a super nice man.
Kay F. – Sparks

12/15/13 – “Skip did a great job.  He was excellent.”
Leigh H. – Sparks

12/13/13 – The tenant called to give “kudos” to Justin.  He was very helpful and very nice.
Action Properties – Reno

12/12/13 –  “I wish there were more people in the world as nice as Albert.  He is the sweetest, most marvelous and well mannered young man.”
Barbara H. – Reno

12/6/13 – Cathy called to say Joseph did a really good job.  He was very professional and nice.
Cathy M. – Reno

12/3/13 – The tenant Kathie called to compliment Albert.  She said “Albert is very nice and polite and did a very good job.”  If she ever needs a plumbing again she will call Jet and ask for Albert.
Kathie – Reno

11/14/13 – The tenant called and said that our tech Kevin was great.  He did a great job, was pleasant and knowledgeable.
Tami – Reno 

11/5/13 – Henry called to say thanks for send Justin.  He said that Justin is a perfect example of what customer service is.  Henry also said that he will continue to use and recommend Jet based on his experiance with the office, Tommy and the work and professionalism that Justin showed.
Henry T. – Stagecoach

11/5/13 – Chuck called to say thanks for doing such a good job on the new septic line.  The guys left his yard looking better than it was before they started.  Chuck will always use and recommend Jet Plumbing.

Chuck – Washoe Valley

11/1/13 – “Give Travis a raise.”  We have a real good guy here.  He didn’t leave until the problem was resolved.  It was a real difficult job.
John T. – Reno

10/31/13 – Kathy called to say she was very pleased with Justin.  He did a good job and she was very impressed. 
Kathy – Reno

10/31/13 – “What a nice, clean and polite young man Joesph is.  He did a wonderful job and is a
wonderful guy.”
Cindi M. – Reno

10/29/13 – Scott called and said that Brian did a good job.
Scott T. – Reno

10/29/13 – The tenant Katie called to say Albert did a good job.  He is really nice and polite.  If she ever needs plumbing work again she will call Jet and ask for Albert.
Katie @ Real Estate Connection – Reno

10/17/13 – “We would like to thank your office and field employees for your help and honesty.  It is a pleasure to do business with you folks.  We have been long time customers and we really appreciate the service.”
Jim & Jill M. – Reno

10/4/13 – Sam is an excellent plumber.  He is clean and courteous. 
Alice M. – Reno

9/27/13 – Thank you sooooo much for Larry.  He’s great.  My first problem as a business owner didn’t become a disaster due to Connie and Larry.  I am a hair dresser and have a captive audience that will hear how terrific Jet is.
Belissma – Reno

9/26/13 – Brad did a very good job.  Very nice and neat.  Will call Jet again.  Impressed with Brad and the company.
Larry R. – Reno

9/17/13 – Patricia called to say Brad did a very good job.
Patricia C., Sparks

8/30/13 – I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy having Drew come fix something for me.  (really)  He always knows what he’s doing, gets the job done and is fun to be around while he’s working.  I hope his bosses appreciate him cause I sure do.
Amanda N., Reno

7/31/13 – Nancy just loved Brad.  He was professional and quick.  She won’t have anyone else in her home from now on.
Nancy F., Sparks, 89436

7/30/13 – Debbie is the tenant and always pays for drain work at her house.  She said “Joseph is a wonderful person.”  He took the time to look over the receipts from past work to make sure he know the history of the problem and then got the lines flowing again.
Don W., Carson City, 89701

7/26/13 – Donna called and said Jody did a really goo job.  He was very clean and thoughtful.  She went on to say she has had a lot of different contractors come and go and Jody did a great job and left the work area clean when he was done.  Please let his supervisor know.
Donna – Carson City

7/18/13 – Linda called and said that Jody is just awesome and is a very hard worker.  He is also very optimistic and worked his tail off.  She has been in the restaurant for years and knew she needed the hydro.
Linda the restaurant owner, Dayton 

7/15/13 – “Jake and Pappy did one hell of a job.  Bill, your guys are great.”  Customer is going to recommend Jet to everyone.
Ken M., Reno, 89508

7/12/13 – From the time I called the office till Kevin finished the job, it was a good experience.  I will use Jet again.
Tom B., Silver Springs

6/27/13 – “Dr. O and her entire staff want to let us know what a great job Jay did and thank him for his help.”
Dr. O – Reno

6/3/13 – “Jet Plumbing has the nicest employees.  They are so easy to talk to.”
Lucille F. – Reno

5/24/13 – “James was such a nice young man and quite the gentleman. Kevin showed up to help and they both did a wonderful job.  Very polite and cleaned up the mess.”
Janice the tenant – Reno

4/9/13 – “Please thank James for an excellent job at a fair price.”
Anne J. – Reno

4/8/13 – “Jody is wonderful, professional and a sweetheart.” She will always use Jet Plumbing.
Sandra R. – Carson City

4/1/13 – Larry was just there and Bill called to say “we have great people.” They are very personable and do a great job.  “Larry is a great guy.”
Bill P. – Reno

3/24/13 – Thanks!  Great service.
Jan H. – Reno

3/21/13 – Muriel called to let us know that “Albert was Awsome. He was courteous, nice, efficient and left a clean work area.”
Muriel M. – Sparks

2/20/13 – She highly recommends Jet Plumbing.  Jody did an awsome job.  He was sick but did a really great job and worked hard.
Susan M. – Carson City

12/18/13 – John was very polite and professional.  He finished the job quickly and she really appreciates it.
Esther E. – Reno

12/17/12 – Marilyn called to say how much she appreciated the service that was done.  Everyone she delt with was professional from beginning to end.
Marilyn C. – Reno

12/17/12 – Don called to say Joseph did a very good job.  He plans to call us later in the week and follow Joseph’s suggestion to install a two-way cleanout.
Don M., Reno

12/17/12 –  Jan called to say “Tim did a great job.”
Jan D. – Reno

12/3/12 – Peggy called and said “She loves Tim.”  She is very pleased and happy.  “He made me feel better and lifted a big worry from her shoulders.  He is a good guy, very polite and patient.”
Peggy P. – Reno

11/29/12 – “Thank you for your prompt service.  Jody was very efficient and polite.  Next time I need help I will call you again.”
Melanie J. – Carson City

11/29/12 – Ken called to say that “Drew Jones is a quality person.  Both personally and professionally.”
Ken A. – Reno

11/14/12 – Jacob says “Ralph is awsome.”  He recommended camering the line. Jacob called to schedule service.
Jacob H. – Reno

11/14/12 – Stan called to say Skip did a great job.  He will continue to call Jet for any other plumbing needs.
Stan P. Reno

11/9/12 – Mike called to say how impressed he was he was with Ralph.  Mike has lived at his home for 20 years and did not know there was a cleanout.  Ralph took the time to go under the home and follow the line and figure out where the cleanout might be outside.  Then he dug down about 2′ and found the cleanout.  Mike will always use Jet Plumbing and Ralph is the reason.
Mike T. – Carson City

11/8/12 – We had Ralph over to repair a broken toilet base.  He was so great.  I was home with the flu and he was super considerate and finished the jot fast.
Jennifer F. – Reno

11/2/12 – Jody did a very good job and was very professional.
Catherine W. – Carson City

11/1/12 – Please accept this small token of our appreciation for the hard work and professionalism during the installation of our two-way cleanout.  We are extremely satisified by the service that Jet Plumbing has provided us over the years and the least we could do is for you to have lunch on us.  Thank you again.
Scott & Kitty J. – Reno

11/1/12 – Chris called to say that Jody did a good job.  They plan in using Jet in the future because of Jody and his professional work.
Carson Nugget Casino – Carson City

10/29/12 – “Justin is a great guy. pleasant and everything.” He got the work done.  Fabulous.
DeDe R. – Reno

10/29/12 – Ralph was so nice and did a good job.  She is very glad we sent him to her home.
Dana H. – Reno

10/29/12 – Lori called to say Thank You so much for taking care of her problem before her dinner party.  “The tech was nice, clean and pleasant.”
Lori S. – Reno

10/19/12 – Dale called to thank us for sending Larry and to let us know he liked him a lot and Larry did a great job.
Dale F. – Sparks

10/17/12 – “Hi, I just wanted to make sure I thanked you for your kindness and expertise (as always). You are all awsome!”
Kathy F. – Reno

10/15/12 – “Jay did a great job.  Very thorough and a wonderful guy. Very much appreciated.”
Lee T. – Reno

10/14/12 –  “The service tech Larry was very helpful, sweet and did a nice job.  He cleaned up his work area and we appreciate it very much.”
Joanne R. – Reno

10/13/12 – “Larry was very polite, quick and professional.  Thanks you Larry.”
Tina M. – Reno

8/17/12 – “Drew came out on Friday for a look at my unit because I was getting what turned out to be condensation dripping on my ceiling tiles.  Drew installed insullation that solved the problem.  Thanks Drew.”
Lou B. – Reno

8/16/12 – “Many thanks for installing my new water heater. It makes a huge change in supplying hot water when needed.  I also appreciate Jody for doing what he does in such a friendly and caring way.
Goldie A. – Sparks

8/14/12 – submitted on website – “Brad came when I had an after-hours emergency.  He fixed the problem promptly and had a great attitude.  I will always call Jet for any plumbing needs.”
Frank H. – Sparks

8/9/12 – “All the guys did  wonderful job.  They worked so hard and were just great.  Everyone involved was polite, professional and helpful.  Thank you so much.”
Jerry – Reno Business Owner

6/13/12 – Tom called to say how greatful he was to have Larry’s help.
Tom M. – Reno

6/7/12 – Jason is an excellect worker.  He did a great job and was very efficient.  He checked everything from top to bottom and found two small leaks in the crawl space.
Terry G. – Sparks

6/5/12 – Suzanne called to say her tenants said Brad was so professional and so nice.  He really did a great job.
Suzanne – Reno

10/26/11 – This is taken from an Angie’s List report.   “Relatively minor job to update the water supply lines and valves to the toilets but the company and service tech were top notch and left me with the impression that they will do a good job on any need.  I would hire them again.”
Roy S. – Reno

10/25/11 – I just wanted to thank all members of the JET Plumbing team who provided service to my rental property in Sparks on October 19.  Thanks to Skip, the tech.  I have had rentals for many years and used many other plumbing serrvices.  I was very impressed with the timing and quality of the service you provided.
I will continue to use your service on all three rental properties as well as my own residence.  I will also recommend your company to any of my friends, neighbors and clients.
Glenn M. –  Reno 

10/17/11 – “Brad really saved the day.  He is a really good guy and I will request him from now on.”
Steve B. – Sparks

10/7/11 – The service tech was wonderful.  He fixed the problem that I was afraid could not be fixed.  He was patient and funny.  I also love Tara the dispatcher.  She’s wonderful!
Judy P. – Reno 

8/30/11 – “Skip did a great job and was very professional”.  She was “very impressed”.
Joeby B. – Reno

7/15/11 – Customer called to say “Jody was rapid and did beautiful work.”   She was “super happy with Jet and the price of the service call.”
Leslie M. – Carson City

7/12/11 – Letter from customer – “I am taking time from my bust schedule to commend your technician Jody who came to my residence on 7/12 to fix a difficult plumbing situation.  His resoursefulness averted  a major overhaul of my plumbing system at a time when I am financially strapped after moving into my new, very old mobile home.  I will be using Jets services again as I feel confident in the courteous, friendly and professional attitude of your service personnel.”   (This is an actual letter.  Really!)
Hector M. – Carson City

3/28/11 – “Lovely job.  Everything is perfect.  They really love the new tankless water heater and Bill was wonderful.  She will never use another company again.”
Jean D. – Reno

3/24/11 –  Gabriel called to say “He really appreciated Jody’s hard work & he did a good job.”

3/22/11 –  “The technician Ralph was personable, timely, well mannered, professional and did a great job.”
Joe S. – Reno

3/7/11 – Richard called to say everyone that was involved in his water heater replacement did a good job.
Richard W., Hidden Valley, NV

3/4/11 – Ben called to say how he wishes there were more Ricks in this world.  Rick managed to get the water off at the house even when the water company couldn’t.
Ben, Tahoma, CA

3/7/11 – “Skip did a very good job.  Especially working in the cold and snowy weather.”
Mary P., Reno

1/28/11 – Bill called to complain about the tech that was at his place.  However he couldn’t find anything to complain about because he did a great job!

Bill A. – Reno 

1/24/11 – John did a great job repairing the damaged floor after the plumber repaired the plumbing.  He definitely knows what he’s doing.
Terry G. – Sparks

1/21/11 – Tenant on Kerman Avenue called to let us know he really liked Ralph.  He was very polite, professional and informative.
Joe the tenant – Reno