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Camera Inspections & Locating

Camera Inspections & Locating

Underground Line Locating

When repairing or replacing your sewer line it is important to know where the line is and how deep it is at any point.  This information is imperative to properly diagnose the problem area of the line and determine what steps will be needed to repair it.  JET Plumbing has electronic line locating equipment that will do just that.  When used together with our sewer camera we are able to give you the best possible solution and price.  Don’t be caught digging up your entire yard to repair a small section.  Call and ask to speak to one of Jet Plumbing’s experienced plumbers for more information.


JET Plumbing, Heating & Drain Services is now using the latest technology and equipment to locate leaking water lines inside and outside the home.  Helium leak detection is one of the newest and most accurate way to find leaks in underground water lines.  This method works whether your line is in a concrete slab or is below asphalt or dirt on the exterior of your home or business.  Please contact Jet Plumbing’s Estimate Department for more information.

Electronic Leak Locating

Like electricity, water travels in the path of least resistance.  Therefore just because you have water at the sidewalk doesn’t mean the leak is there.  In many cases standing water could be the result of a leak 20′ away.  We have highly sensitive sonic sounding equipment that can help pinpoint the problem area and make repairing the leak quicker and less costly.

Color TV Pipe Surveying

Jet can give you a visual look at any problem in your main sewer, sewer lateral or to simply check for defects.  This process is especially important if have had problems with your line in the street and the city is getting ready to repave.  We can also provide digital documentation.

Sewer or Water Line Repair or Replacement Following a Locate or Camera

Repairing or replacing a water service or sewer line is dirty work that requires more than a shovel and some new pipe.  You have to be aware of the current local codes, frost depths, grade limits, compaction requirements, backfill material specifications to prevent settling, and concrete and asphalt removal/replacement.

Now that you have all that information and you’ve rented all the proper equipment, are you ready for some backbreaking work? WE ARE! JET Plumbing has over 20 years of experience & the proper equipment and licenses to provide you with a quality turn-key job.
Feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding your specific needs.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement 

JET Plumbing utilizes “Pipe burst Technology” to replace sanitary sewer lines.  Pipe bursting is the only way to replace an existing pipe with full diameter pipe using minimal excavation.  Not only does Pipe bursting save time and money, it preserves the area of the line rehabilitation and is environmentally friendly. Call Jet Plumbing today and we will send you a FREE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO.