When Was the Last Time You Had a Plumber Evaluate Your Plumbing System in Reno Nevada?

When Was the Last Time You Had a Plumber Evaluate Your Plumbing System in Reno Nevada?

How old is your plumbing system? Here are few plumbing issues that one should think about in an older home in Reno Nevada.

According to an article at superpages.com, “Residential Plumbing Evaluations”

Under-Slab Plumbing Issues

This is a problem that often occurs in homes with older plumbing systems. The challenge with this issue is when plumbing breakage occurs under the slab of the house. If you suspect you might have a plumbing issue on your older house, have a licensed plumber perform a hydrostatic test. During this process, a plumber will use a high tech camera to travel through the pipes, and under the slab of your home. Then, the plumber will fill the plumbing pipes with fresh water, and watch through the camera if the plumbing holds, or leaks. If the system fails, you’ll know there’s an under-slab plumbing leak.

Leaking Galvanized Pipes

Older homes often have galvanized pipe plumbing, which is rarely used in homes anymore. These pipes may contain lead, posing a health risk. In addition, this type of plumbing rots from the inside out. While it may appear in good condition from the outside, it could be decaying on the inside from minerals and hard water.

If you have leaking galvanized pipes, talk with a professional about replacing the plumbing systems that are transporting clean water to your home.

Leaking Plumbing Joints

If you have leaky plumbing joints in your older home, ask a plumber to inspect the home for “grey pipe.” This type of plumbing, which is also called Polybutyl piping, is more prone to leakage in the plumbing joints. With this issue, you may be able to replace the joints with newer materials that are more durable.”

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