When Plumbing Maintenance Should Be Left to the Professionals in Reno Nevada

When Plumbing Maintenance Should Be Left to the Professionals in Reno Nevada

Even if you’re skilled around the house there’s just some projects that even the best DIY shouldn’t do. Here are tips when you should call in a professional plumber instead of trying to tackle the plumbing issue yourself in Reno Nevada.

According to an article plumbing.about.com, “When to Call a Plumber

“Many plumbing projects are ideal for the do it your-selfer, especially with all of the tutorials and guides online. There are times, however, when calling a professional plumber is the best option. Even some seemingly easy projects are best handled by a pro. Save yourself some time and trouble by calling a professional for the following types of plumbing projects.

Permits Are Required: Generally things like bathroom remodels, moving existing plumbing, or adding new a new gas line for your BBQ will require a permit. A professional will know when a permit is required and the process and building codes to make sure the inspections go through.

Main Line Stoppage: Anytime the toilets are backing up into the tubs and showers the problem is most likely the main line. This usually requires special equipment that most homeowners don’t typically have. While renting the equipment is possible, it is not advisable unless you have experience using it. A professional will have experience using the equipment and clearing out the main line.

Shower Valve Replacement: This can be complex and time consuming for the inexperienced do-it-your-selfer. An expert can help you pick out the right valve for your shower. The options are many and it can get confusing very quickly. There is also the possibility of damaging the shower walls in the process. A professional will know how to change the valve with the least amount of damage (if any) to your walls.”

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