What’s That Sound Coming From My Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

What’s That Sound Coming From My Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

Does your home in Reno Nevada, sound like it may be haunted? You realize it’s just your plumbing pipes making some weird noises. Here are a few tips on how to handle noisy pipes or when to call in a professional plumber.

According to an article at brtop.info, “My Pipes Are Making What Noise”

“You may notice that when you turn off your tap there is suddenly a loud banging or knocking noise. This is more common in older homes and is caused when the flow of water comes to an abrupt halt. As it is stopped the water flowing in the pipes knocks against the pipes causing the “hammer” sound. Your pipes would have initially been built with short pipes that allowed for air to sit and cushion the noise. Over the years this air would have leaked out.

What you can do:

Create a new air cushion by first turning off your water at the mains and open all your taps to make sure all water is drained from the pipes. Then when you turn your water mains back on, go through your house room by room turning off each tap as you start to see water coming out. This helps to trap some air back into the system so that once again you have an air cushion.

Squeaking, creaking and cracking

This is a simple case of the laws of physics. When hot water runs through your pipes, the pipes will expand from the heat. When the water stops running, the pipe starts to cool down and contracts. It is this contraction which causes the strange squeaking, creaking or cracking noises.

What you can do:

A simple layer of insulation will help keep the pipes from getting too cool and reduce the expansion and contraction of your pipes. If your pipes are enclosed in a small hole without much space you could try cutting out a space in its framing so that when the pipe does expand it isn’t pressing against anything, thereby reducing the noise.


That irritating rattling sound may be something as simple as the vibrating effect of water running through a pipe that is loose. When the water is running this movement may cause the loose pipe to move a bit, knocking against the wall or strapping that is holding it.

What you can do:

You can either make sure the pipe isn’t loose by fastening it back in place or you could try cushioning the pipe which will dull the vibrations.


Your pipes will whistle to let you know there is some kind of restriction or obstruction in its way inside the pipe. This might be sediment sitting in the pipe or could also be a valve that isn’t working or a washer that is faulty. Listen to see whether the whistle happens when you turn on a particular tap or when any tap is on. If the noise only comes from one tap then you should be able to find the fault at that point. If it happens all the time, you should be checking your mains valve instead.

What you can do:

The simple and quick solution is to change the water pressure right at your water mains valve. This will dislodge whatever it is that is getting in the way. For a fault at particular point, you may need to check and change the washer. If you still hear the whistling it could mean you need to change the water valve.

These sounds may either be frightening, irritating or barely noticeable after a while but the real danger is not in the actual noise, which is after all just a warning to you that something is wrong, but in ignoring what it is trying to tell you.”

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