What’s that Smell Coming from the Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

What’s that Smell Coming from the Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

Do your plumbing pipes have a foul smell in Reno Nevada? Here are plumbing tips to help you get to the bottom of the problem.

According to an article at networx.com, “Can’t Figure Out that Smell You Just Know it Has to Do with Plumbing

“A really gunked up drain can smell enough to carry into a room, and there are a couple of good clues that this is the source of your problem. A slow drain is one indication. A partially clogged drain doesn’t get rid of waste effectively, leading to more crud buildup. Ultimately, this may lead to a total clog, but it can take a long time. Meanwhile, the buildup just gets worse. In other words, clogs beget crud begets clogs. Nice, huh! The solution is to clean the drain thoroughly with a snake (see below).

The other way to tell if your problem is crud is the smell. A dirty drain smells bad, but there’s nothing like the gaseous pungency of sewage. The latter indicates a different drain problem (discussed in the next section).

A few drains that are most prone to crud-related smells and their solutions:

Bathroom sink: The drain stopper assembly catches hair — then everything else — several inches below the drain opening. Remove the stopper and clean this section of pipe periodically to eliminate odors.

Tub/shower drain: Hair clogs lead to soap buildup and badly gunked pipes; clean thoroughly with a snake.

Kitchen sink: Food disposers (dispose-alls) are the culprits more often than drains. Freshen inside the disposer with Borax or a commercial disposer cleaner, and clean the gunk from the underside of the rubber baffle around the drain opening (you have to do this by hand, and it’s not pretty, but it works).”

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