What You Should Know About Hiring a Reno Plumber Hassle Free

What are the qualities that you look for in a plumber in Reno Nevada? Want to learn some important qualities that a professional Reno plumber should qualify? Here are just a few tips to make hiring a Reno plumber hassle free.

According to an article at greenvilleneighborhoodplumber.com, “Need to Hire a Plumber

“1. Make sure the Plumbing Contractor is licensed. There are many contractors out there that either won’t or can’t get licensed. They are a harm to you, because they could very well do damage, as well as the plumbing profession as a whole.

2. Make sure they are bonded and Insured. Not only is being licensed important, but so is being bonded and insured. Insurance to protect against potential damage; and a bond to insure that they do what they say after signing a contract.

3. Do they have references that they are willing to provide? Any contractor, especially a plumbing contractor, should have references. This will indicate to you that they have provided a service that others are willing to share and refer you to.

4. How do they present themselves upon arrival? Most plumbing companies have dress codes. This means that the tech should arrive with a uniform that clearly states on the shirt as to what company they work for. A tech dressed in ripped jeans with a baggy t-shirt is a huge red flag! If they don’t care about how they appear, how are they supposed to care when they’re addressing your problem?

5. Do they give you a price upfront? You should never allow a tech to perform services without first asking for and agreeing to the price.

6. Do they try to sell you on things other than that which brought them to your house? A lot of plumbing companies in the area will try to upsell you on anything and everything, not necessarily products/services that you need, but those that will get the overall ticket price up in order to justify their trip.

7. Do they clearly and succinctly explain the problem and how they will address it? This is very important. If you do not know what the actual diagnosis is, how are to know for sure that the root of the problem is fixed?

8. Are they polite as well as clean? A polite tech will go a long way in making this time a pleasant experience. A plumbing issue is bad enough that they problem doesn’t need to be compounded by an impolite tech. Do they also clean up their work area? This may include replacing dirt etc.”

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