What Should You Consider When Remolding a Bathroom in Reno Nevada

What Should You Consider When Remolding a Bathroom in Reno Nevada

Tired of seeing the outdated plumbing fixtures in your bathroom in Reno Nevada? Need some tips on what to consider when remodeling your bathroom?

According to an article at consumerreports.org, “Updating Your Bathroom”

“Streamline the design. A sink and toilet are the only must-haves in a powder room. A round toilet bowl takes up less room than an elongated one, which may be worth the compromise in comfort that some users will experience. Consider a pedestal sink instead of a bulkier sink/vanity combination.

Be adventurous. Design treatments that would look over the top in other parts of the home are fine in the powder room. Deep dark hues, such as burgundy and eggplant, play well in these small spaces. Not that adventurous? Limit dark hues or unusual colors to wall paint. Pricey materials such as vessel sinks, custom floor patterns, and stone counters won’t be as hard on your budget because you won’t need as much as you would in a larger bath.

Splurge on the accessories. With so few accessories to consider, you can spend more on those you do need. “Invest in the faucet,” says Carolyn Cheetham, president of Design Works by Cheetham in Alberta, Canada. “It’s an opportunity to bring something fun and sculptural into the space.” Also, consider matching the faucet finish to other accessories in the space, such as the towel ring, mirror frame, and light fixture.

Kids and guest bathrooms

A second bathroom, be it for the kids or overnight guests, is expected in all but the smallest homes. If you’ve bought a home without one (say a 1950s split-level), it should be high on your wish list. To get the job done right, follow these recommendations.”

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