Toilet Plumbing Tips from the Plumbing Experts in Reno Nevada

Toilet Plumbing Tips from the Plumbing Experts in Reno Nevada

There are many things that homeowners must maintain such as plumbing, so what happens if you think your toilet is leaking? Here are tips from the plumbing experts in Reno Nevada to help you determine if your toilet is leaking.

According to an article at, “How To Tell If Your Toilet is Leaking”

“Stop wasting water by regularly checking your toilets for leaks—both obvious and silent types, that is.

Obvious leaks

We all know that annoying sound of a toilet running hours after you flushed. And we’re equally familiar with the tedious job of jiggling the toilet handle to get it to stop running. These problems are not to be ignored! They’re serious water wasters and should be fixed as soon as possible so you can put a stop to water and money waste. So, if your toilet exhibits any of these symptoms, call a plumber or put on your work hat.

  • You have to jiggle the flush handle to get the toilet to stop running.
  • You hear sounds coming from a toilet that is not being used.
  • You have to hold the handle down to completely empty the tank.

Silent leaks

Other toilet leaks are not so obvious. Try the following methods to uncover leaks you might not otherwise see or hear, but which can be tremendous water-wasters over time.

The dye test:

  • Dry all exterior surfaces of the toilet (around the base of the bowl, the underside of the tank, and the floor around the base).
  • Remove the tank lid and flush the toilet.
  • Add about a teaspoon of food coloring or dye tablets to the tank.
  • Do not flush the toilet.
  • After an hour, check the bowl for traces of the dye.
  • If you see color, your toilet is leaking and one of the mechanisms inside needs to be replaced or adjusted.”

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