Tips on How to Spot a Plumbing Leak in Reno Nevada

Tips on How to Spot a Plumbing Leak in Reno Nevada

Has your water bill slowly increased overtime in Reno Nevada? Do you think it’s time to have a plumber inspect your home for a water leak?

According to an article at, “Plumbing Leaks”

“Here are a few common sources of high water bills and steps you can take to check for them:

Faucet leaks

Check for faucets that do not shut off all the way, including bathtubs, showers, and outside spigots. Be sure to check under sinks for leaks at shut-off valves, etc.

Toilet leaks

Periodically check your toilets for water leaking from tank to bowl, here’s how:

Place a few drops of food coloring in the tank – not the bowl. A couple of tablespoons of instant coffee or Kool-Aid will work too. After about thirty minutes check the water in the toilet bowl to see if it has any of the color of the dyed water from the tank in it. If the water in the bowl has gone from clear to color, the tank is leaking and the flapper and/or the flush valve may need to be replaced.”

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