Seasonal Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

Seasonal Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

With summer almost here and all the activities that go on, is your plumbing system in Reno Nevada ready for the heat? Here are summer plumbing maintenance tips you may want to consider.

plumber-fixing-a-sink-at-kitchenAccording to an article at, “Regular Plumbing Maintenance

“Though summer doesn’t involve problems like freezing pipes and floods, plumbing problems can still occur in your garden, your toilet or in the kitchen, because water usage is particularly high during the summer months.

Sprinkler heads tend to get stuck, if they are not cleaned and maintained regularly. For automatic irrigation, the sprinkler heads are the pop-up variety and their heads often get stuck in the ‘up’ position especially if the water is hard. Often a car or a lawn mower can also break the head. It is best to keep a supply of extra heads, which you can fix yourself.

Tree roots can cause havoc in your plumbing system because they can just break through the strong pipes. If there is water oozing somewhere in the lawn or if the water pressure is unusually low, it indicates a problem in the plumbing system. A professional plumber can tackle the problem at an early stage with specialized plumbing tools, because if you wait too long, the damages will be bigger and the cost as well.

Clogged toilets are another common problem, especially if there are kids at home. Since the toilets are used and flushed continuously, it is not uncommon for them to get clogged sometimes.”

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