Seasonal Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

Seasonal Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

For an efficient plumbing system this summer in Reno Nevada, have you done the necessary plumbing maintenance? Here’s a few plumbing tips that every homeowner should have inspected this season.

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Gutters and outdoor drains: Making sure your gutters and drain spouts are clean and clear is something that should be routinely checked around your home – no matter the season! Debris build up increases the chance of clogging which can result in mold growth, cracks and leaks.

Indoor drains: Have you ever stepped out of the shower only to look down and realize there’s a lake in your bathtub? If your answer is yes, you’ve experienced a clogged drain. To reduce the risk of clogs, increase the efficiency of your drains by installing strainers to prevent soap, hair and miscellaneous debris from creating issues. If you have a clogged drain, try to unclog it as soon as possible or call a plumber to snake the line.

Leaky faucet and toilet: Drip, drip, drip! To avoid the dreaded sound and hassle of a leaky faucet, check all of your faucets for drips and leaks regularly, and arrange to have any leaks quickly repaired. Equally as important, conduct a toilet leak test by dropping a couple drops of food coloring into the tank. After thirty minutes, if the water has changed color then the toilet tank may have a leak. If this occurs, call a plumbing company to inspect the situation.”

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