Plumbing without all the Toxic Chemicals in Reno Nevada

Plumbing without all the Toxic Chemicals in Reno Nevada

Are you quick to use store bought plumbing products? Learn about why you should call a plumber, the experts in the industry that know all the tricks to the trade without using toxic chemicals in Reno Nevada?

According to an article at, “Beware of Toxic Plumbing Products”

“This highly toxic substance is supposed to eat away at the clog, and appears to be quite effective in doing so in clogs created by ad agencies. In my own experience, all it actually does is create a layer of poisonous material on top of whatever else is already in your drain. Then you and your plumber will have to deal with the toxic chemicals when you finally do fix the clog.

You’d also be wise not to use items that build up pressure behind the clog to break it free. While these can work, you may run the risk of breaking the drain pipes or exposing leaks that may not have been evident without these items.”

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