Plumbing Design is More Important Than You Think in Reno Nevada

Plumbing Design is More Important Than You Think in Reno Nevada

Is your bathroom plumbing looking a little outdated ready for a change in Reno Nevada? Remodeling a new bathroom is big business these days, the design and plumbing fixtures shouldn’t be rushed but well thought-out. When it’s time to install your new plumbing fixtures don’t forget to call Jet Plumbing.

According to an article at, “New Plumbing Fixtures”

“Maybe you’ve seen a recent commercial on TV. A young couple, prospective homebuyers, walks into a fancy office full of blueprints and schematics. When asked how they can be helped, the couple looks at one another and then places a high-end faucet on the desk and says, “We want you to build a house around this.” The scenario is a bit extreme in terms of a plumbing fixture deciding the look of an entire home, but it’s not as far-fetched as you might think.

It’s the Little Things

You walk into a kitchen and what do you see? Or, more importantly, what are you looking for? A refrigerator, a dishwasher, a new stove, the floor and countertops. In a bathroom, you take in its size, its tile, its cabinetry, and maybe even the vanity and mirrors. But people tend to ignore the one thing that makes a bathroom a bathroom: the plumbing fixtures. You use them every day. When you cook, bathe, or simply use the restroom, you’re constantly touching and operating these items whether it’s a tub, shower, toilet, or sink. They are the only things that tie a room together, so when remodeling, make sure not to skimp on the plumbing design because it’s the first thing everybody notices, even if they don’t know it.

More than Meets the Eye

Plumbing design is an important part of building or remodeling any home, and it doesn’t just deal with how things look. Professionals in this field are also plumbers themselves and partake in all areas of the vocation, including pipe-sizing, pipe-fitting, code regulations, safety features, and the overall installation and maintenance of a system. So when hiring a designer, always make sure they are certified in all parts of the job. This is especially vital if you’re building a new home, which means the plumbing has to be built anew and will require trained experts to get the initial installation done right.”

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