Leave the Plumbing Inspection to the Experts at Jet Plumbing in Reno Nevada

Leave the Plumbing Inspection to the Experts at Jet Plumbing in Reno Nevada

When was the last time you had a plumber inspect your pipes in Reno Nevada? For many homeowners proper maintenance of your plumbing is of an importance especially when it concerns your wallet. Here are tips to help you save money on common plumbing issues.

According to an article at stevesplumbingmaui.com, “Keep Those Pipes Flowing”

“Here are some tips on how you can keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

Toilet Trouble

Too much toilet paper and not enough flushing can easily clog a toilet’s pipes. Of course, flushing foreign objects will also have the same effect! If you have very small children, you’ll need to be extra vigilant when they use the facilities. Teach them the proper amount of toilet paper to use and explain what will happen if they don’t comply. The toilet is for one thing and one thing only: it is not a toy.

Clogs in the Kitchen

Fats are your kitchen pipes‘ worst enemy. The curved shape of the pipes under your sink make them especially susceptible to the buildup of fatty materials; if you are cooking in the winter months when outside temperatures are frigid, the problem is compounded. Always use strainers in your sinks and make it a rule to never, ever dispose of cooking grease and oils via the drain. No matter how vigilant you are, however, there will always be a certain amount of greasy soapy residue in the pipes: run hot water for five minutes down the drains periodically, and your pipes should be just fine and your sink back-up free.”

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