How’s Your Cooling System Running in Reno Nevada?

How’s Your Cooling System Running in Reno Nevada?

During this time of the year HVAC maintenance is the utmost importance in Reno Nevada. Here are HVAC tips on how to keep AC in tip-top-shape.

HVAC SystemAccording to an article at, “Cooling System Maintenace”

HVAC maintenance does not always rank high on our daily priority lists however, it’s essential to the well-being of our system, our bank account, and our health that our HVAC systems be regularly checked and serviced. You can easily compare HVAC maintenance to your car maintenance. Although you may not be able to spot necessary repairs, service is important to life of your automobile. In the long run a $30 oil change seems much easier to swallow than an engine replacement at $2000. It’s the same concept with your HVAC system. Better to keep your system in the maintenance phase rather than the repair phase.

Beyond avoiding costly repairs, maintaining your HVAC system can greatly reduce your energy bill. Changing your air filters every 4-6 weeks is extremely advantageous as dirty filters tend to overwork the equipment and result in a lower quality of indoor air. If anyone in your household has allergies, this can be especially beneficial to their health. Be sure to change your filters only when needed; excessive replacement won’t allow them to reach their proper efficiency.”

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