Earth Friendly Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

Earth Friendly Plumbing Tips in Reno Nevada

With Earth day around the corner, what will you do in Reno Nevada? Learn how you can honor Earth day with these few earth friendly plumbing tips.

According to an article at, “Plumbing Tips That Will Put Money Back in Your Pocket”

“You may or may not be someone who tries to follow the green crowd as steadfastly as some. Truth be known, certain ways of going green just might be a little extreme or too expensive for your tastes and budget.

However, if you’re one to keep your eyes open for opportunities to go green that are really simple and friendlier on your wallet, your plumbing presents a broad range of opportunities. Here are some components of your plumbing and the steps you can take to make them greener, which in turn will help you keep more green in your pocket.

Use Less Water in Your Faucets and Shower

No, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise how clean you get by rushing. It means you can install low-flow showerheads and faucets that can reduce water usage by up to 60%! A less expensive alternative to low-flow faucets is a faucet-flow reducer that you can install on existing faucets and reduce water usage by up to 40%.

Flush Less-Water, That Is

You can install low-flush toilets that use a fifth of the amount of water you flush every day, depending on what kind of toilet you currently have. And since the amount of water flushed by one person each and every day averages out at a whopping 28 gallons, that’s nothing to shake a plunger at.”

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