Early Detection Tips That Your Plumbing Pipes are in Trouble in Reno Nevada

Early Detection Tips That Your Plumbing Pipes are in Trouble in Reno Nevada

Do you know the signs that you may have major plumbing issues around the corner such as old or damaged plumbing pipes in your home? Here are tips on how to recognize that you may have damaged pipes in your home in Reno Nevada.

According to an article at aplumbers.com, “What to Do if My Plumbing Pipes Burst”

“We feel better when we can solve a plumbing problem alone without the help of professional plumbers. Yet there are cases when there is no choice but to call a certified plumber to the rescue – the case of a burst pipe is a good example.

Burst pipes are no picnic. In most cases it requires opening the wall, replacing the damaged section of the pipe and then closing and re-plastering the wall. If tiles are present, they will also require fixing – a common procedure as most split pipelines occur in areas where hot water flows through and there is moisture from the outside – in “wet rooms” such as bathrooms, showers, kitchens, etc.

Burst Pipeline: Early Detection

Early detection has the ability to significantly reduce damage in all respects.

Contrary to popular belief, pipes do not burst suddenly but often deteriorate over a long period of time. The sound of running water can be heard for days or even weeks before you will actually begin to notice dampness, swelling of the plaster and paint, mold and the like.

In most cases professional plumbers will be able to identify burst pipelines long before they actually happen. Therefore it is crucial to call a plumber as soon as you suspect that something is wrong. If your water bills are extremely high or if you hear the constant sound of running water when all your water fixtures are turned off – have a plumber check the premises and nip in the bud or rule out burst water pipes. Never wait for water to come out of your ceiling or wall to call a plumber.

Burst Pipeline: When it Starts

Even if water is still not dripping from the ceiling or wall, check for leaky sources by taking readings the water meter located at the front of your home in a concrete box.

Read your Water Meter

If all the taps are turned off, the washer is switched off, and you have not showered, bathed, used the toilet or dishwashed in the last couple of hours – but the star or triangle shaped device on the face of the water meter spins fast – water is running somewhere inside or outside your home.

Call a plumber ASAP to investigate the source of the running water – it may be a burst pipe hidden from view. Make sure to turn off the main water supply to your home to minimize water related damage.”

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