Don’t Forget this Plumbing Maintenance in Reno Nevada

Don’t Forget this Plumbing Maintenance in Reno Nevada

Have you ever come home to a plumbing disaster in Reno Nevada, such as a busted pipe? Learn what homeowners can do to prevent their plumbing pipes from bursting.

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Pipes burst because of the nature of freezing water and the structure of the materials used to construct water pipes. It is possible to prevent, in some cases.

The reason many water pipes burst is because water expands as it freezes. If this expansion occurs in a closed environment such as a water pipe, there could be substantial pressure placed on the inner walls of the pipe material, whether it is iron, lead or PVC plastic. Even if a pipe is strong enough to handle the occasional stress of frozen water, the cumulative effect can weaken the structural integrity of the pipe and eventually, it will burst.

The good news for homeowners is that most pipes are protected from bursting because they are either covered with insulation or located in areas that rarely if ever reach the freezing point of water. There may be sections of piping that are routinely exposed to freezing temperatures or could be compromised if the insulation fails, however. These pipes break because the air temperature causes the water to freeze along the inner walls and create a blockage. The pressure of the expanding ice on a weakened section of pipe combined with the pressure of flowing water backing up behind the blockage can cause a break without warning.”

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