Did You Hire a Licensed Plumber in Reno Nevada?

Did You Hire a Licensed Plumber in Reno Nevada?

Would you just any plumber in Reno Nevada? To help clarify any questions when searching for a plumber, here are tips on what to ask a master plumber.

professional plumberAccording to an article at aplussewerandwater.com, “Expert Plumbers”

“Picking a residential plumber can be tricky. With so many to choose from, how can you be certain you’re picking the right one to manage the pipes in your home? How do you judge their personality, business approach, pricing, etc.? After all, you don’t want to toss money down the drain, right? Well, let’s delve into these things, shall we?

Make Sure They’re Credentialed

Anyone will tell you that the most vital element to look for in a residential plumber is that they’re licensed. This tells you that they’ve been through all the necessary training, and possess the sufficient knowledge to fix your piping issues. It’s also important to make sure that they’re insured and bonded, too.

Even if your plumbing contractor is in the process of doing an amazing job in fixing your plumbing problem, there’s always a possibility that they could cause damage to your property. This usually isn’t out of negligence or incompetence, but as we all know, accidents just happen. This is why any plumber you use should be insured. And, in addition to having insurance, they should also be bonded – this basically lets you know that they’ll do what they say they’re going to do.

Solid Communication is Key

After you’ve gathered that all the bare essentials have been met, make sure they put a price in writing, before performing any services at all. Any contractor, who’s vague and not completely upfront about their rates, is not a contractor you ought to use. In fact, most high quality residential plumbers ought to give you a free quote on the work they’ll perform, and you should be wary of any plumbing companies that don’t do that. Simply put, transparency in pricing is a great thing.

Similar to communicating pricing, the contractor’s ability to clearly and succinctly explain the problem with your plumbing, the nature of the work they’ll perform, and how long it’ll take them to do it, are other key aspects to look for.”

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