Did You Forget to Winterize Your Plumbing in Reno Nevada?

Did You Forget to Winterize Your Plumbing in Reno Nevada?

Did you winterize your plumbing in Reno Nevada? It’s never too late to winterize your residential plumbing.

According to an article at southernhomeplumbing.com, “Winter Plumbing Tips”

Frozen pipes are more than just annoying they can result in damage to your home. Use the following tips to avert frozen pipes from ever happening.

  • Watch your water pressure. During freezing weather falling water pressure may mean a frozen pipe is restricting the water.
  • Running water doesn’t freeze. Leave faucets on allowing them to trickle at about the width of straw.
  • Before cold weather sets in disconnect and drain garden hose. Left connected it can lead to a busted pipe inside your home due to pressure. So disconnected, drain and store those hoses for the winter.
  • Insulate those exterior faucets. If your home has shut off valves going to outdoor faucets utilize them by cutting the valves off. While you are insulating, use the foam sleeves on exposed pipes in the attic, crawl space and basement where pipes will be exposed to cold.
  • Don’t forget to cut off the shut off valves going to sprinklers.
  • Keep your home temperature above 55 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. Open cabinet doors under sinks and faucets and near exterior walls to help keep pipes warmer.
  •  Close crawl space vents and garage doors especially if your hot water heater is located in the garage.”

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