Common Residential Plumbing Tips from Jet Plumbing in Reno Nevada

Common Residential Plumbing Tips from Jet Plumbing in Reno Nevada

Whether you own or rent your home it’s always safe to be prepared for plumbing obstacles that can arise at any time. Here are three common plumbing tips to be aware of or shall I say control until an expert plumber in Reno Nevada can perform the necessary repairs.

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“Whether you like it or not, leaky pipes, malfunctioning toilet and clogged sinks are a part of life’s obstacles. They sometimes barge in your schedule when you least want them to and they add to the daily stress. That is why it does not hurt to develop residential plumbing troubleshooting savvy so that you do not have to call your local plumber every time water does not go down the drain. Consider these useful tips so that when the circumstance calls for it, you come prepared with a few tricks up your sleeve.

Residential Plumbing Tip 1: Locate the Main Water Shut-off Valve

This is duck soup yet not all homeowners know where this important control is situated. You must know where the control of the main source of water is located so that when a residential plumbing crisis crops up, you can switch off the main source to prevent more unwelcome water to invade your home. The main shut-off is often situated at the curb, where commonly an access point is provided at the sidewalk.

Residential Plumbing Tip 2: Never Flush Anything into Your Toilet, Except for Toilet Paper

Remind household members to refrain from flushing paper towels, sanitary napkins and other types of paper that are denser than toilet paper as they can obstruct the sewer pipe that can cause the toilet to malfunction.

Residential Plumbing Tip 3: What to Do With Slow-Draining Sinks?

If you notice that your sink unusually takes time to drain, you may need to clear the pipes from sludge build-up. If your home is quite old already and the drain does not positively respond to various chemicals and plunging, then this us your cue to snake the pipes. Snaking is the method of cleaning the pipes which is performed from the roof through the duct pipes.”

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