Common Plumbing Maintenance Solutions in Reno Nevada

Common Plumbing Maintenance Solutions in Reno Nevada

Are you having problems with your garbage disposals in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to keep your garbage disposal running smoothly.

faucet leaks According to an article at, “How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

“The garbage disposal is nothing more than a giant abyss for swallowing every type of kitchen waste.

It’s easy to take the garbage disposal in your kitchen for granted, but the care of this small appliance is important to keep it and your drains operational and reduce the need for expensive plumbing repairs.

Here are some tips to help keep your garbage disposal unclogged and running smoothly:

1. Use the disposal only for small, biodegradable food scraps to prevent damage to the blades and motor.

2. Never pour fats, grease or oils into the disposal or drain because it can build up in the disposal and pipes.

3. Avoid grinding fibrous food wastes like celery stalks, corn husks or artichokes because the fibers can jam the motor.

4. When grinding large items, cut them into smaller pieces and deposit them into the disposal one at a time to prevent clogs.

5. If your garbage disposal emits a foul odor, grind up small pieces of orange or lemon peel to give it a fresh smell.”

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