Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems in Reno Nevada

Any problems in the kitchen? When problems arise with kitchen appliances what to do? How about your garbage disposable have you maintained it properly? Need a plumbing company in Reno that offers quality honest service that all Reno-Sparks residents deserve?

According to an article at, “Common Plumbing Issues in the Kitchen”

“Before you turn on your garbage disposal make sure the water is running at a fairly good flow so nothing gets stuck on the spin cycle inside the disposal and wreak havoc. That should be easy enough if you run it after doing the dishes. Also, after you’ve run the disposal and turned it back off, keep the water running another 30 seconds or so to make sure it all is really flushed out.

When you don’t have enough water flow through the garbage disposal the waste and mushed up food doesn’t make it all the way through the pipes and out. Without enough water to shuffle it along, the food stops in the pipes and makes a little home for itself. This can build up to the point where your pipes clog and you have a problem.


Metal silverware won’t create a clog or get stuck in the pipes, in fact it would never get past the disposal. Generally, it is the metal silverware that disappears down into the disposal without you realizing it and you don’t stop to check and just flip on the disposal. Then you hear that awful clanging sound and jump to turn it back off. While it won’t clog, it causes other problems such as damaged spoons, dented garbage disposal parts, or mangled blades. This is an easy fix. All you have to do is check with another piece of silverware, not your hand, if there is anything down there that shouldn’t.


It may be surprising to see this among a list of common garbage disposal problems but it still made it on the list. There are two basic types of garbage disposals. One is called the continuous feed garbage disposal. Don’t get this disposal if you have little kids. It would so easy for a lot of dangerous things to happen. A continuous feed disposal doesn’t wait to be turned on. Once anything goes down the drain the grinder turns on and grinds away; hands, toys, rings, silverware. Don’t let your garbage disposal eat what you still want.

Another interesting problem to be noted is how often people use their hands to check if there is anything in the disposal that isn’t supposed to be. Don’t use your hand! There are blades in there designed to cut things up small enough to make it through the pipe system without problems. That disposal won’t know the difference between food and your finger. It doesn’t think, it only cuts and disposes

Lastly, don’t put any chemical drain cleaners down your kitchen sink. Not only will you damage the disposal but the chemicals won’t do their job as well as they’re supposed to, if at all, leaving you with a toxic mess.

Often enough there isn’t much time to do any research when you actually have a plumbing problem. So start now to find the plumbing company that will be able to provide you with the quality service you deserve.”

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