Budget Friendly Bathroom Upgrades in Reno Nevada

Budget Friendly Bathroom Upgrades in Reno Nevada

Are you looking for ways you can update your bathroom in Reno Nevada? Here are a list of inexpensive bathroom upgrades.

toiletAccording to an article at networx.com, “Easy and Affordable Bathroom Tips”

“1. Faucet

Replacing a bathroom faucet (a.k.a. lavatory faucet) really is a pretty easy job. If you haven’t done it before, it’ll take you a while, but it’s not hard work, provided the old parts aren’t rusted onto the sink. For such small fixtures, faucets can really date an old bathroom, so this tends to be a high-return improvement.

2. Sink and/or vanity top

If you’re replacing your bathroom faucet, you might consider swapping out the sink, too, depending on what type it is. Drop-in sinks, the kind with a heavy rim that sits atop the counter, are the easiest to replace. Also, if the retaining nuts on your faucet are fused with corrosion and crud, it might be easier to remove the sink to get at the faucet; thus a good opportunity to put in a new sink. Another option is to replace the old sink and vanity top with an all-in-one vanity top with integrated sink. You just screw and/or caulk these to the vanity cabinet, and can add a new faucet before mounting the top.

3. Toilet

Sleek water-saver toilets used to be somewhat of a novelty and thus carried an unnecessarily high price tag, but now they’re far more commonplace and affordable. This is a relatively easy improvement that not only updates the look in your bathroom, it also saves tons of water over the years (that’s if you still have an old-style toilet).”

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