Benefits of Copper Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

Benefits of Copper Plumbing Pipes in Reno Nevada

Do you need to replace the plumbing pipes in your home in Reno Nevada? Here are tips to consider why copper plumbing pipes may be the best material for your home.

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“Most experts agree that copper water pipes have many benefits over other materials like CPVC or galvanized steel. Copper water pipes are durable, flexible and relatively easy for professionals to install. Copper water pipes leach no toxic chemicals into your water supply, are recyclable and are flexible enough to be a safer choice for earthquake-prone zones.

Home builders and plumbers see copper water pipes as a solid investment because they will give homeowners years of dependable use, and they may even increase the resale value of your home. Copper piping is dependable and will not degrade in ultraviolet light, which makes it safe for use outdoors.

Copper is a softer metal and is preferable to other kinds of metal piping. Copper water pipes are available in hard, annealed lengths or more bendable coils. Thickness of the pipes will be a choice you can make with your contractor. Over all, copper water pipes are able to carry large volumes of water at smaller thicknesses than other pipes, making them easy to place in narrow wall and floor spaces.

Copper water pipes are joined together using a soldering process called “sweating”. Copper is highly pliable, so minimal numbers of connectors and other fittings are required for installation. They tend to bend and flex rather than break, so even in the event of a natural disaster, copper pipes tend to be more reliable than other types of piping. They leak rarely, and repairs are usually fairly simple to make.”

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