Bathroom Plumbing-What Are You Flushing Down Your Toilet in Reno Nevada?

Bathroom Plumbing-What Are You Flushing Down Your Toilet in Reno Nevada?

Is your toilet causing you too many problems? Are you interested in searching for the best toilet in Reno Nevada? Now, before you go out and purchase a new toilet have you thought about what may be the cause; let’s just think about what are you flushing down your toilet?

According to an article at, “Toilet Flushing Problems”

“The truth is that, no matter how much you adjust the flow of the toilet, you will still occasionally encounter a clog. Therefore, you need to become proficient with using a plunger. It also means that you have to watch what you put in the toilet. Obviously, you will need to only put bodily waste and toilet paper in the toilet. Many clogs are caused by flushable diapers, wipes, sanitary napkins, etc. In addition, you will need to make certain you do not allow too much toilet paper to build up in the toilet. This means flushing after every use of the toilet.

If you are experiencing flushing problems that a good gravity toilet doesn’t solve, you might want to look into getting a power-assist toilet. With these toilets, compressed air is used to help make certain the waste goes down. Most of these toilets are able to use the home’s water supply along with a pressure tank built in to the toilet to help make the waste go down. Since the water is kept inside the pressure tank, this type of toilet also experiences very little sweating. At the same time, they are louder than other toilets and they can be more expensive to purchase.”

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