Bathroom Installation Tips in Reno Nevada

Bathroom Installation Tips in Reno Nevada

Are you considering adding some value to your home in Reno Nevada by adding a bathroom? Learn what you should ask your plumber before you install a new bathroom.

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“To find a plumber for your bathroom installation, you will need to consider recommendations and find plumbers with a good reputation in the local area. Once you have a few names, get three quotations for the installation of a new bathroom. This should help to narrow it down, although don’t always go for the cheapest!

When you have found plumbing experts for the job, you’ll need to have a consultation so that you can get advice on what is suitable for your property. This will also give you a chance to discuss your own needs and visions for the bathroom.

Remember to discuss with your plumber everything that you want included. Do you want a Jacuzzi bath, a separate walk in shower, under-floor heating? Anything that you want in the design now is the time to tell your plumbing experts so that they can begin planning.

It will generally take a week or so to have your new bathroom fitted by the plumbers, and if it is the only bathroom in the house you will probably need to stay somewhere else until the room is finished as you won’t be able to use the bathroom generally until it’s done.

Make sure that your plumbers are fully insured just in case anything gets damaged or goes wrong with the plumbing. This will save being left with an unfinished bathroom, but again this goes back to ensuring that you background check your plumber experts before they begin.

Make sure that you fully consider all of your options before your plumbing experts start. This includes heating, tiling, lighting and the suite itself. It is best if your plumbers can show you a drawing of the bathroom design so that you can confirm that is what you are looking for before they begin, just to ensure you’re on the same page.”

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