Are Your Plumbing Pipes Being Exposed to Cold Weather in Reno Nevada?

Are Your Plumbing Pipes Being Exposed to Cold Weather in Reno Nevada?

Did you wait till the last minute for plumbing maintenance in Reno Nevada? With winter season here it’s never too late to consider winter plumbing maintenance tips.

According to an article at, “Did You Winterize Your Home”

“The cold and frost of winter can bring a host of problems when it comes to maintaining the home.

Consider the expense involved in addressing cracked pipes, a cold shower in the early morning, frozen taps and leaks can all spell disaster. In order to prevent some of these damages from occurring, there are a few steps to implement before the weather turns chilly. In order to keep all systems in place throughout these months, there are a few simple techniques one may implement for prevention and maintenance.

With exposure to extreme cold, it may place significant strain on the normal functioning of pipes. There is a way to prevent these from freezing and ensuring that it remains free flowing, by simply creating a warm mixture of salt and baking soda to be poured into the drains. These solutions are also environmentally friendly and can be implemented on a regular basis.”

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