Are You Having a Plumbing Emergency in Reno Nevada

Are You Having a Plumbing Emergency in Reno Nevada

How do you deal with an emergency? Do you scramble to the phone when you have a plumbing emergency in Reno Nevada? Here are some helpful tips to keep you calm when finding a reputable plumbing company.

According to an article at, “Don’t Worry We’ll Help You Find a Plumber

“Unfortunately in most plumbing emergencies the average homeowner will run to the phone book in the middle of the night on a holiday weekend and call the first plumber that answers their desperate call for help. This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster and I’m not talking about the plumbing disaster! You see not all plumbers bill in the same manner (some bill by the hour; some bill by the job) but most, if not all, plumbers charge a lot more (and that’s being nice) when you come-a-calling on a weekend in the middle of the night and god forbid you have a plumbing emergency on a holiday weekend…

The important thing in an emergency plumbing scenario is to stay calm and relax.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Step away from the phonebook.

Handy American has a few tips to that you need to heed before you start looking for a good plumber and we’ve got you covered there as well!

Now the natural thing to do when you have water gushing out of your floor is to call a plumber and get him to your house ASAP to prevent any further damage. While that’s the right thinking; it’s the wrong execution if you’re not trying to pay for the plumber’s retirement…

In a plumbing emergency the first thing you want to do is turn off the water supply to your leak and that’s actually easy enough to do for the average homeowner. And the added benefit to turning off the water yourself is that it buys you time; Time to take a quick look at several plumbers and time to make a good decision on who to hire rather than just hiring the first guy that answers his phone and paying whatever he charges.”

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If you find yourself having a plumbing emergency in Reno Nevada, just relax help is on the way visit and schedule a service appointment.

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