Plumbing Services

    Our Plumbing Department handles all problems associated with water and pressurized fuel gas inside and outside your building.  If it transfers, stores or dispenses, we can install it or repair it.  Call (775) 331-3933 Now or click here to book a call or have your questions answered.  Please visit our our complete plumbing information page.  Click here for to go to the “Plumbing Services Page”.

    Underground Services

    Our experts in the Underground Services Department have the training and equipment to do every job in a professional and safe manner.  We can repair or replace any problem associated with underground water lines, sewer lines, stormdrains, culverts or under-slab piping.  Contact our office today at (775) 331-3933 or click here to click through to the Underground Utilities Page for more information.  This is also where you find more information on “Pipeburting” sewer line replacements.

    Drain Services

    Our Drain Department handles all areas where “used” water is found.  Whether it’s waste from your home or rain water from the parking lot, once it’s serviced it’s purpose we make sure that it drains properly to the city sewer, storm drain or your septic tank or french drain.  Click here SPECIAL OFFERS” to view our current drain cleaning offer.

    Heating and Air Services

    Our Heating and Air Conditioning Department (HVAC) handles anything associated with keeping the temperature in your home or business comfortable.  This includes furnaces, boiler systems, air conditioners, ducting, thermostats, radiant heating systems and evaporative coolers.  For more information click here for our Heating & Air Conditioning Page“.